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This archive is being built, article-by-article, for the benefit of everyone who seeks to know the truth about the real world that we all live in.   If you read just one article a day you will know far more than the average American sheeple.

When you read an article that you think everyone should read, e-mail it to as many people as possible.  Don't be hesitant to e-mail articles to your Congresscritters or other politicians and bureaurats.

It is the job of every Patriot to wake up as many fellow Americans as we can.  The only ones who can save this great country are WE THE PEOPLE!

Read, read, read and then pass it on!  Together we can take our country back from the criminals who took it away from us.

Remember this -- even though the BABY MORON IDIOT FOOL is no longer occupying the White House illegally, his daddy is still in control. barry "obama" soetoro works for daddy bushka just as the clintons do. obama has numerous clinton cronies in his gang, with the queen bee in the top position. Don't forget that daddy bushka and his family of FOOLS all work for the rottenfeller crime family. If you are a neo-coNazi who worships the BABY MORON IDIOT FOOL or dickless cheney, daddy bushka, jeb bushka, etc. you are worshipping david rottenfeller and his nephew john d. (jay) rottenfeller IV.

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Baby bush confessed he saw the first plane strike WTC! - Watch both of these incredible videos

(He could only have seen it on a CIA/Pentagon CCTV broadcast)

Dan Rather speaks the truth about censorship and much more

WAR criminal!  - U.S. Corp. Top Terrorist Company

NORAD, USNORTHCOM train in Ardent Sentry – Northern Edge ‘07

Read the articles below under the - Is bush a Patriot? section - to see proof that we are under open military occupation.

True history of the bush Crime family    bushka family tree

ghw Poppy Daddy bushka & son statues

Daddy bushka meets with his employee barry soetoro

baby caught LYING!!

Click here to shoe the idiot moron!   Moron's Last Poll - 22%

Moron's Sick Legacy     Moron's Bye-Bye Speech      Watch the Moron get shoed!

MORON, MORON, MORON!!!  Statue of the shoe that almost hit Baby

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bush Crime Family


War & 911

Is Bush a Patriot?

The Truth About Bush


bush LIED to get Iraqi oil

Only 100 alCIAda in Afghanistan

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tells the TRUTH about 911

bush/bLIAR planned Iraq war before 911

schemed to start Iraq war

MI5 warned bush

the bush crime family knew

911 Comissioner Slams baby bushka

bush Gang Knew of 911

bush Gang Could have stopped 911

rummy sought to attack Iraq on 911

bush told Iraq had nix to do with 911

Sadam had no WMDs

CIA Forged Docs


Bush Gang say Alciada terrorists are White

al-CIAda gangster is Jewish

Bush In The Line Of Fire In Iraq

The Cost of the bush Wars

The Coming Wars

Conspiracy to Attack Iraq 1

Conspiracy to Attack Iraq 2

Iran 1 (Sy Hersh)

Iran 2 (Sy Hersh)


Friends of Bush

barry soetoro

6 torture buds

cheney approves eavesdropping

rice also


chertoff Group

Carlyle Group

GOP Dirty Tricks

FBI peeping toms

GOP sex perverts

Red China Computer Spying

cheney assassination squad 1

cheney assassination squad 2


No Pardon

Bush had Election Fraudster Killed

George Tenet, Drunk - 1

George Tenet, Drunk - 2

Rummy Guilty of Torture

Cheney Hypocrisy

cheney & gonzales Indicted


Cursed Be the Christian Coalition

Georgia Gang

Georgian Soldiers were Doped

mccain & rice on Russia

cheney & rice

rice on Nation Building




Kill American soldiers to start war

George Washington forbid torture

Mancow Waterboarded

Ventura to torture haNutty?

CIA experiments

CIA torture

cheney headed torture scam

CIA officers say waterboarding is torture

Anti-torture Rally

Bush says he Authorized Torture

Bush Torture

bush Guilty of Torture!

Bush Signed Torture Order

bush criminals Raped prisoners


Posse Comitatus

Northcom Combat Team Conducts “Humanitarian Support” Exercise in Maryland

Marine “Military Presence” Confirmed in San Bernardino County

Alex Jones on Domestic Security Force

Military Ready to hit the Streets

Gates: Review military's role in homeland defense

Vigilant Shield

Troops will shoot us

Troops will shoot you

Troops to go on Tour in America

Gitmo in US



DHS targets Rightwing

23,000 Pastor Spies



Big Brother

EO 13295

Baby DNA Data Base

Bush Tells IRS to Shut Pastors Up

26,000 Pastors work for NWOG

World Intel Agency

Continuity of Government

Military Spies on US

Bush Demands Congress Pass FISA

Family Prisons

Thought Crime Bill

Veterans Are Guinea Pigs

Military Patches


baby should have been impeached

Kucinich articles of impeachment 1

Kucinich articles of impeachment 2



bush criminal history

bushka expose

911 timeline

bush usama connection

bush crime history & 911


Hersh Exposes

bush/cheney want Iran War

rummy Intel scam

Abu Ghraib 1

Abu Ghraib 2

Abu Ghraib 3

Abu Ghraib 4

Abu Ghraib 5

Abu Ghraib 6

Abu Ghraib 7


bushka NAZI connections

Nazi links

Nazi dealings

Bush & Hitler

Bush & the Nazis


bushka crime family

ghw Poppy Daddy bushka statues

Statue of the shoe that almost hit Baby

EO 13303 protects oil buds

Did the bushka crime family murder John Wheeler?

How bush benefitted from 911

books baby has read?

The decider?

Book tour lies 1

Book tour lies 2

Family Secrets 1

Family Secrets 2

baby would endorse barry

Fake terror alerts

911 memoirs

Skull & Bones expose

baby is a TRAITOR

baby's locations on 911

baby let usama escape

baby gave okay to waterboard Khalid

Karzai puppet

Gov. bush promised to invade Iraq

Shoe Hero out

diebold rigged both elections

No al Ciada

bush bin laden connection

blackwater 1

blackwater 2

Flynt speaks out

Phony Christian

Fake terror alerts

bushka Gang gave Korea Nukes 1

bushka Gang gave Korea Nukes 2

bushka Gang gave Korea Nukes 3

Anthrax Attack Solved

Military Anthrax

Ventura on the CIA



War Profit

Bush Deficit would top $1 trillion with correct method

The Truth About the bush Gang

Oblermann: Bush is "full of crap"

Gore Vidal on bush

Shut Up bush!

Prosecute bush -1

Prosecute bush - 2

1,000 Lies

Impeach bush

Gas is $400 a gallon


The Family

Pat Robertson on daddy bush

daddy bush's NWO Quotes

Grand Dad was pro-Nazi

Dynasty 43 + 41 = 84


Nazis in the White House

Nazis in the White House 19


Their Masters

Bilderbergers Visit Bush

bushka links


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