The Nazis in the White House Story: Part 19
The Case for an Atomic Bomb in the Gulf

By Jon Carlson

"Permit me to hint, whether it would be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Commander in Chief of the American army shall not be given to nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen." John Jay's letter to George Washington, presiding officer of the Constitutional Convention (1787).

With Bush I, his father, Prescott Bush, (German name, The Scherf's) and Barbara Bush born in Nazi Germany, never even becoming naturalized US Citizens, thus making Bush II, being born of German citizen parents, also an illegal alien, their alligence to Germany interests and their destruction of America and their use of American soldiers and treasure to benefit German interests is understandable. View: 1900 Census Kills Fake Bush Genealogy

The US Presidency ALSO is an ideal location for foreign spies to get revenge for historic barbaric acts of America, such as dropping ATOMIC BOMBS on civilians in Japan in WWII. Even MacArthur and Eisenhower said they had nothing to do with that decision.

Our investigation of Obama's birthplace (Is Obama a Thai Buddhist President?) places Obama's birth and upbringing in Thailand. Thailand supported Japan and Germany in WWII and today is packed with their polluting companies. Henry Ford was a big supporter of Hitler and today Ford manufactures vehicles for 80 countries at their plant in Thailand. Ford wasn't touched in the recent automobile industry takedown by the Nazis in the White House. There is a streak of revenge in his madness. See: GULF SABOTAGE.

Historians rethink key Soviet role in Japan defeat

As the United States dropped its atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, 1.6 million Soviet troops launched a surprise attack on the Japanese army occupying eastern Asia. Within days, Emperor Hirohito's million-man army in the region had collapsed.
It was a momentous turn on the Pacific battleground of World War II, yet one that would be largely eclipsed in the history books by the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the same week 65 years ago. But in recent years some historians have argued that the Soviet action served as effectively as — or possibly more than — the A-bombs in ending the war.
Now a new history by a professor at University of California, Santa Barbara seeks to reinforce that view, arguing that fear of Soviet invasion persuaded the Japanese to opt for surrender to the Americans, who they believed would treat them more generously than the Soviets.

So heroic Russia overwhelmed the German Nazis in Europe and a million man Jap army to send WWII into history. With the infiltration of Nazi intelligence into US intelligence circa 1947 by the Dulles, the rewritten Nazi history made Russia the ENEMY!

Maybe America is lucky to just have the Nazis in the White House as look what they are doing with VITAMIN C in Germany. Nutrition scientists suggest a teaspoon of ascorbic acid powder daily for good health to make up for a genetic defect in humans, also Nazis. The Nazis have kept the importance of ascorbic acid powder, wrongly called Vitamin C, hidden since they took over US intelligence circa 1947. The Nazi Vitamin C Fiasco Story Google scientist Irwin Stone for the original work on why all plants and animals produce their own Vitamin C but humans produce none. Irwin Stone found that humans lack one step in the body's synthesis of vitamin C from sugar.

Flouride was added to the drinking water of US cities circa 1947 just as it was added to Nazi death camp water supplies to keep the prisoners doctile. Known to affect the thyroid gland and a cause of breast cancer as it is similar to iodine and the body can't tell them apart.. There are no scientific studies to support the claim that fluoride prevents cavities. It is a waste by-product of phosphate production in Florida. Watering plants with city water harms the roots of plants and effects calcium in the plant. A whole house charcoal filter works well on the garden hose.


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"To Achieve World Government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, their loyalty to family traditions and national identification" Brock Chisholm - Director of the World Health Organization
"A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it's going to get." Ian Williams Goddard

The fact is that "political correctness" is all about creating uniformity. Individualism is one of the biggest obstacles in the way of the New World Order. They want a public that is predictable and conditioned to do as it's told without asking questions.

"The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first."   Thomas Jefferson

Knowledge is the key to good health!

America the Beautiful

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