Conservative radio host who got waterboarded admits technique may produce bogus intelligence

The conservative Chicago radio jock whose voluntary submission to waterboarding changed his mind about whether the technique is torture added to his conversion Tuesday by acknowledging that waterboarding could easily produce bad intelligence.

“The scenario that everyone approves on this there is a bomb somewhere it is going off in 15 minutes,” MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann asked Eric “Mancow” Muller, the radio host. “You waterboard the guy, can you, having gone through this trust you get the right answer?

“Keith, the honest answer is I don’t know,” Muller said. “If had information I’m sure I would have given it up. I would have said anything to make it stop.”

“They compare it to drowning,” Muller added. “I drowned as a kid and had to be revived. This is worse. This isn’t gulping for air. Your brain is shut off. This is water at the back of your skull, a gallon of water poured down my nose; I had a Marine do it. It was good night Irene, game over… I thought I could go 30 seconds. Big deal they sprinkle water [but] it’s a big deal. It is torture.”

“I was willing to prove and ready to prove that this was a joke and I was wrong,” Muller continued. “It was horrific. It was instantaneous and look I felt the effects for two days. I had chest pains. I told my wife, look I have two little kids– we prayed. I said dear god help me. I had chest pains I was so stressed out by this.”

Mancow also revealed that his friend Sean Hannity “called me and said ‘it’s still not torture.’ I said, ‘Sean, you’re a friend of mine, but it is still torture.”

Mancow also thanked Olbermann for donating $10,000 to a charity benefiting veterans in response to his undergoing the technique. (rawstory, 3.27.2009, David Edwards and John Byrne)

This video is from MSNBC’s Countdown, broadcast May 26, 2009.

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