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"I have so many opportunities for this country, I just don't want to see us fall backward." hillary

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This archive is being built, article-by-article, for the benefit of everyone who seeks to know the truth about the real world that we all live in.   If you read just one article a day you will know far more than the average American sheeple.

When you read an article that you think everyone should read, e-mail it to as many people as possible.  Don't be hesitant to e-mail articles to your Congresscritters or other politicians and bureaurats.

It is the job of every Patriot to wake up as many fellow Americans as we can.  The only ones who can save this great country are WE THE PEOPLE!

Read, read, read and then pass it on!  Together we can take our country back from the criminals who took it away from us.


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Study the quote that Hillary made on the eve of the Iowa primary. She has "so many opportunities for this country." What opportunities? War, depression, shredding the Constitution, destruction of our rights and freedoms? Yes. Those are the opportunities she sees for the American sheeple. She is the most arrogant tyrant since Nimrod. She makes all of the Roman Ceasars, Napoleon, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, FDR, Sodom Insane, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Daddy bush, bill jefferson clinton and W bush look like girl scouts.  There is nothing she will not do and say to get 8 more years in the White House.


Body Count

Body Count

Election fraud


Do you think they are patriots?

The TRUTH about the criminals from Arkansas




Their Masters


Did billy/hilly have Webb murdered?

Siko lost the biscuit

Guilty of Waco Massacre


Vast Right-wing Conspiracy

His victims

Hit List 1

Hit List 2

Slick Willie


Visits nude beach

clinton foundation

Donor List - 1

Donor List - 2

3rd Term

bill Ignored Usama bin Laden

bill Gets 20 Million

bill's role in the bank scam

bill Confronted by 911 Truthers



hitlery corp fascism 1

hitlery corp fascism 2

hitlery tries to destabilize the USSR

Hillary Inc. by Ralph Nader

Hillary the panderer

Clintons are GOP

HITLERy blames AZ shooting on GOP

hillary praises UN

Yemen threatens the world

hillary EXPLODES

hillary praises sanger

hillary Can't be Sec of State

hillary's Donor Scam

Hillary's Spy

The Real Hillary


Blackmailing Obama

She Kept Running After Backing Obama

She Won't Release Phone Records

the Loser

her Faith?

her NAFTA Lie

her Bosnia Lie


Bildies Had Nix to do with NAFTA


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