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This archive is being built, article-by-article, for the benefit of everyone who seeks to know the truth about the real world that we all live in.   If you read just one article a day you will know far more than the average American sheeple.

When you read a article that you think everyone should read, e-mail it to as many people as possible.  Don't be hesitant to e-mail articles to your Congresscritters or other politicians and bureaurats.

It is the job of every Patriot to wake up as many fellow Americans as we can.  The only ones who can save this great country are WE THE PEOPLE!

Read, read, read and then pass it on!  Together we can take our country back from the criminals who took it away from us.


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Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.  George Orwell


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Disinfo agents - Emmanuel Goldstein is dead - Kill list

TV shows & movies about Big Brother

Jesse Ventura blows the lid off Big Brother

Jesse Ventura blows the lid off Big Brother's secret documents

Traitor Awards - Infragard - clergy response teams

USA is #5 Police State (2010)  USA is #6 Police State (2008)

Military coup - Bird & fish kills - 11 Shocking facts about Amerika

Land of the free & home of the Brave? - spy glossary

Listen to what Sci-Fi writers predicted more than 50 years ago

Asteroid to fly by

Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. - George Santayana, The Life of Reason, 1905

Big Brother is Watching You

This four volume book is the most extensive work ever written on Big Brother. It gives you virtually everything you need to know who Big Brother is, how he keeps watch over you, what he plans to do to you and how to resist him. Click here to find out more. Click here to join the resistance.


Total Control

Chips - Crimes


End Game

paul ehrlick pop reduction plan

Population control



Englander arrested for not smiling

Chertoff wants pre-crime tech

Pre-crime software

Pre-crime hostile intent

UK pre-crime quiz


Big Bro Bills

DC roaches kill free speech

Big Bro laws

S. 1867

HR 5741 Slave bill

unPatriot Act

Health Bill Scam

mcMoron lieberman bill

mcMoron bill pdf


Big sister




Billboards spy on you


The Screens

Big Brothers screens are here & BB wants you to snitch on everyone

Snitching Nazi style

Screens in the Mall of America

Screens to go into federal buildings

Alex Jones snitches on the Pentagon


Snitch programs


Children spies

Iphone Snitch program

Garbage men recuited to spy

Snitch programs

LAPD snitch commercial

Trucker snitches

UK: German Crime family wants children to snitch on parents not paying taxes

UK snitch program


TIPS Program

The original Big Brother snitch program - T.I.P.S.



Tracking purchases

Hotwatch program


Tracking Tech

New tracking technologies

Tracking spray

Tracking 3D foto


GPS tracking

FBI can track you via cellfone w/o warrant

Federal alert scam

Stingray tracker

iPhone scam

FCC requires GPS tracking of cell phones

FBI GPS under cars


Student tracking

Backpacks GPSed

School children tracked

School children GPSed

School children GPSed

More school children GPSed

Satellite tracking of Children


Shock Therapy

Shock therapy for mentally challenged


Mind reading

Mind reading is almost here 1

Mind reading is almost here 2

Behavior prediction

Airport mind reading machines

Brainwashing technology

Galvanic braclets for students


Bio Scanners

Finger scan

brainwave reader

Brain scanners

Brain scanners

DHS to use iris scanners

Leon, Mexico to use iris scanners


Auto scanners

Mobile auto scanners 1

Mobile auto scanners 2

Mobile auto scanners 3


Body Scanners

Super Bowl X-ray scanners

German police say no to body scanners

Pilots say no

Say NO to body scanners

US Corp. pushes body scanners worldwide

Body scanners are dangerous

Chertoff body scanner scam

Street scanners

Mobile body scanners

Body scans to be kept

Full-body scanners courthouse

X-Ray Scanners


Spy Cams

Spycams going up all over

BB watches everything

Thermal imaging spy cams in Boston

Thermal imaging spy cams in Cambridge

Spycams for Tots

Cafeteria spycam

School spycams

Park spycams

School goons peep on students at home

Spycams In Schools & Elevators


Auto spycams

Bus cams

Auto spycams

Auto black boxes & spycams


Auto control

Black Box scam 1

Black Box scam 2

Black Box scam 3

Total control of your car


Stoplight Cams

Stop sign cams


Home spycams

Chicago, Houston Consider Cameras in Private Businesses, Homes

Spycams in Homes

House Spycams + Police



School spycams

cafeteria cams


Air spycams


More Blimps

DHS blimps

Army LEVM blimps

Global Observer

DHS spy drones

UAVs Are Spying on

google & apple spy planes


Satellite spycams

Big Bro is watching you

Satellite Spy Cams


City spycams

36 million faces per second?


DC spycams


Lancaster PA spycams

Spycams to prevent crime?

CCTV spycams in Findland airports


Speed cams

Speed cams cause accidents


Cell phones

Cell Phone is now a FBI mike

malls track your movements via your cellfone


UK spycams




CCTV in UK Homes

UK Spycams


UK Armed Drones

UK Spycams do not stop crime

Spycams Don't Stop Crime

Big Brother’s cafe watches you eat



UK cops are eavesdropping

cannot eavesdrop on cops 1

cannot eavesdrop on cops 2


NSA fone tracking okay

NSA eavesdropping before 911

Eavesdropping on everyone

No boundaries in eavesdropping

Eavesdropping in Europa

NSA eavesdropping

Student laptops bugged


cheney approves it

rice also



Cops sneak & peak

9 industries that watch you


Cell fone snooping

Eco Snoops

Nowhere to hide

Home inspectors

google is a NSA front org

google spies on you

google Spy Scam

UK Big Bro Questionaire

UK Snooping on all

UK Snooping

UK Snooping


google & NSA

windows & NSA

Privacy Impact Assessment

Swedish Snooping

UK Snooping 500K

UK Snooping 1

UK Snooping 2

UK Snooping from home

E-mail snooping 1

E-mail snooping 2

E-mail snooping 3



Pentagon spies



Big Bro spying on Patriots

History of GOP spying on Patriots

FBI Op Vigilante Eagle

Domestic Intelligence Agency?

Domestic Spying

UK - Turn in rich

UK citizen spies

Pentagon to Control ALL Computers

Government Access of Computers

Government to get all info on you

Project Gandalf

NSA snooping email

NSA Spies on Everyone

Military Spies on US

Citizen Spies

Cable Guy

DHS Tracks Your Travel

UK auto plate scan



Preacher arrested

Clergy Response Teams


Big Brother nations

United Kingdom

USA is #6 Police State



TSA perve

CPS Rapists

Sex Education

Contraception is a must

FEMA Brainwashing

No sex for procreation


Social networks

Facebook watching for pedophiles



Check-in apps?

Poor sell kidneys

Dead poor to be donated for medical research






Big Brother is watching you



Google is watching you 1

Google is watching you 2

Ventura: Big Brother is watching you

Big Brother will soon be watching everything you do

Big Brother monitoring of you

Sensors in the sewers

spycams in street lights

Retroactive surveillance

First responder on terrorist watchlist

Mind's Eye

Galvanic braclets for students


Solyent Green

Test-tube burgers

Unwashed masses to eat poop?

Unwashed masses to eat insects?

BB goon calls organic food consumers "jerks"


Info Gathering

BB gathers info on students


Ministry of Truth

clinton wants a ministry of truth

state dept terrorism


10 Amendments

graham wants to limit Amendment 1



Capture of corpse justifies torture -1

Capture of corpse justifies torture -2



Submit to BB or aliens will attack

Psyop techniques

bush psyop -1

bush psyop


Fake alerts

Fake terror alert - 1

Fake terror alert - 2

Fake terror alert - 3

Fake food terror alert


BB bills

food safety bill

Home gardens illegal?


BB cities

Big Brother city - Leon, Mexico



NSA admits eavesdropping

Director of National Intelligence

Church warned of NSA monster

Bamford expose of NSA monster



Social Network Op

Pentagon's CIFA

Glenn Beck exposes Pentagon

Pentagon prepares for food riots


Intel Community

Intel budget 2007-09

UK spy agencies must change

IntelCom 854K



Military coup

Christians are a threat


Military on the streets

Military taking over

Wellness checks

Military must patrol America

Preparing for martial law


Sonic Weapon

Sonic weapon at G-20

Army observes protestors

Army law enforcement

More foreign troops

Northcom in America 1

Northcom in America 2




Millitary in the sky

Assassin drones

Killer drones in UK

Military drones

Nuke powered drones

UK drones to be armed

30,000 drones over USA by 2020

Drones over America

Global Hawk

Montana cong-critter backs off on drones

Big Bro says no EPA drones

EPA using drones to spy on ranchers


Millitary Exercises

USA-USSR drill


UK exercise


Military on the web

Pentagon goes after muckrakers

Air Force bloggers

Air Force block websites


Militarized police

police tanks

Taser attacks 1

Taser attacks 1


Out of control demons

Demons beat Americans

Demons run wild in Anaheim

Demons gets away with murder

Demons in UK arrest man for not smiling


Signs of BB

Signs of Big Bro

Gun confiscation



MIAC Report scam

Fusion centers CFR

Financial warfare?

Social engineering (S 1619)

brats summon cat for jury duty

Sack lunches banned!

Drug recognition program


BB goons

cops shoot concrete gator

Teen cops?

Mall cops

Home assault

Elderly man tasered in his home



DHS to use rescue drones

Shock braclets for air passengers 1

Shock braclets for air passengers 2

DHS preparing for civil war

See something say something @ superbowl 45

Terror alert pamphlets

Fake alert

DHS center in Philly

Domestic Home Spy agency? (DHS)

Domestic Home Spy agency? (CFR)

Domestic Home Spy agency? (Rand)

Domestic Home Spy agency? (CNN)


Concentration Camps

Army Reg 210-35 & FEMA camps ready for detainees

soetoro dentention


Rex 84

Ashcroft's dream

Fox News Reports C Camps

Army Ad for camp guards

Texas camp

Concentration Camps USA

Concentration Camps USA

Concentration Camps Red China

FEMA Camps exposed by Ventura

FEMA Camps are real

FEMA Camps

Wyoming Camp



Camp guard ad

FEMA DHS exercise

FEMA camps to be manned

Alex Jones on FEMA 2

Alex Jones on FEMA 1

FEMA camps

FEMA pastors


Resistance is futile

dick clarke says do NOT resist Big Bro



Oliver Stone apologizes


Truth squads

soetoro truth squad

mccain truth squad


Big Bro Ads

Pay your taxes


Control of the Web


The Flame

Schools monitor web traffic

microjunk has kill switch in windows 8

Mubarak kills Net in Egypt

Computer kill switch

Napalitano wants total control of Web


Check points

cops steal cell phone data

DUI checkpoints

Mobile check points (VIPER)

Washington DC subway bag checks

Random pat downs

Ski mask cops


Store scanners

Get your dress size


BB wants your blood

DMV takes blood

Cops are taking your blood

Big Bro wants your blood



TV makes children STUPID


Total control


google to control your home

Apple buys SkyNet

PBS Frontline Special

Life Log

Government 101

Military trains to take our guns

Army on patrol

Kill Patriots!

Kill Granny!


No free speech

Smart meter

Soviets to patrol USA?

Too Far!

Red Chinese police ti get Gatling guns

Sheriff's 50 Caliber

BB to check childrens BMI

Health bill scam

Flu Quarantine

Home Gardens Outlawed!

Patriots are terrorists?

VA Terrorism Threat Assessment


BB to stop cars

Climate Bill -1

Climate Bill -2

New power grid

Road Blocks

FEMA to help children

Travel restrictions

New Internet

Disaster planning


Preparing for riots

BB is ready for riots


Wanted fugitives

Digital billboards


Tracking people

Gov is tracking all travel



Biometric Agency

Biometric SS Card

Biometric ID Card


Iris Scan

Iris scan 1

Iris scan 2

Iris scan 3

Iris scan 4

Iris scan 5



Pharmacy fprints customers

Mobile fprinting machines

Children in UK being fprinted

Fingerprinting students

Police have mobile fprint scanners - 1

School teachers to be printed

Tennessee to print speeders

House Sellers to be Printed

Council to fingerprint staff in UK

UK Police Have Mobile Fprinters

Parents Printed

Mexico to print cell phone buyers


Facial Scanning

Apple seeks facial recognition patent

Facial scanning used for advertising

Nightclub uses facial scan

Facial Recognition cameras

Facial recognition



soetoro DNA database

DNA spray


Baby screening

DNA taken from babies

DNA taken from babies

barry soetoro supports DNA database

Baby DNA Data Base 1

Baby DNA Data Base 2

Feds to Get DNA from You

DNA Data Base

Biometric Database

Cops to take blood

DNA required by felon suspects

Bobbies take DNA samples

Dog DNA database!



Cyberspace ID

Smart card India

India ID cards

German RFID ID Cards

Global ID -1

Global ID -2

ID cards for 1.2 billion in India

ID cards for 1.2 billion in India

Texas school ID

Real ID

DHS Visitor ID 1

DHS Visitor ID 2

DHS National ID xercise


The Mind

Possible brainwashing

DOD to read Minds

Memory Eraser

Threat Assessment Center

Brainwashing UK students

Mind control of cars



DHS to Okay Employment


National Database

Flu data base

National Fingerprint Databse

National Data Exchange

Data mining

Phone/Email Data Base

ID Children

ID cards to be issued in India


Cashless Society

Cash to go extinct

No cash 1

No Cash in schools

No cash 2




debtor's prison

banks bulldoze homes

Bankster Watch

Fed Watch


Middle East uprisings

US Gang behind uprisings - 1

US Gang behind uprisings - 2


Assassination list

barry soetoro hit list

Whistleblowers killed off

Assassination technologies


Real Terrorists

UK gov are terrorists


Terrorist assets

U.S. Corp. trained terrorists


The modern goldstein (bin laden)



Chips to replace animal testing

Babies are barcoded

sci-fi nut wants all babies to be barcoded

Brain chip

Chips to deliver drugs

Pull chips from driver's lic.

E pickpocketing

Everyone will be chipped by 2017?

RFID in clothes and more

RFID for pre-schoolers

RFID ink mark

Intel - Get a brain chip!

NO chips!

Chips cause cancer in pets

RFID Walmart

RFID Walmart

Germans want the chip

Will Chips Keep Children Safe?

Americans to get chipped soon?

Tommy Thompson to get chipped

Students to be Chipped

AZ university chips students ID cards

Baja Beach Club Patrons are Chipped

Bobbies to be Chipped

Prisoners to be Chipped

Mexico AG Office Use Chips

Rich Mexicans Get Chipped

Airport workers to be chipped 1

Airport workers to be chipped 2

Homeless to be chipped

RFID in trash cans

Chipped trash cans in Phillie

Chipped trash cans in England

Individual Force Protection System

All pets 2B chipped in UK

Chips in ID cards (UK)


Control Chip

RFID to replace barcode

RFID traceability



Mass kills




cops murder crazy man

cop gets away with murder


Drug trafficking

Drug war goes private

Links to BB drug dealing

son of drug lord says he worked for US Corp.

BB caught selling guns to drug dealers

Drug dealers caught

Gary Webb


Drug the masses



Dumb down the people

Pesticides to dumb down people


Protection for BB

London ring of steel

New York ring of steal


Climate scam

kari norgaard wants Patriots to be retarded like her

Water pollution

BB puts toxins in water



Guns 2 Mexico - 1

Guns 2 Mexico - 2

Guns 2 Mexico -3

U.S. Corp. gun grab DOS 7277

UN gun grab

Gun Grab


Rolling blackouts

Texas hit with blackouts



Gov poisoned booze


Bio-chemical tests

Chemical Tests on Americans



nanobots kill cancer cells


Genetic engineering

Cows give mother's milk

Babies to be tested for geneyic defects

Genetically Modified babies



Cops riot

hal turner 1

hal turner 2


Health Bill Scam

Health bill 1

Health bill 2

Organ vultures



Army manual


Psyop manual

CIA social engineering

CIA psyop


Population Control

1 child only

1 child only (turner)




Truth about PETA



Mandatory abortion in Red china


Organ donation

Death vans

Wrong organs taken

New York to take organs



Gates wants frankenfood


NBC tests on people

MBTA runs test


Big Brother media goons

Nick Hardin propaganda


TV dangers

TV causes seizures


Signs of Big Brother

25 signs Big Brother is here

Big Bro says he can murder Americans


Big Bro corps

Monsanto law


Eric Blair was right

Orwell A-Z

Blair Quotes

Orwell Blog

Blair's Predictions

Blair Essays

1984 summary












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