America’s Family Prison

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Did you know that the federal government has not only set up but is also currently operating a prison that holds entire families - including infants, children and nursing and pregnant women?It’s located in Taylor, Texas and it’s operated by Corrections Corporation of America, a privately owned corporation.

This short film by Matt Gossage and Lily Keber is one of the only public reports on this prison. Otherwise this subject has been entirely censored by the US news media.

Watch this short film on the T. Don Hutto “residential facility”, the nations for-profit family prison for non-criminal immigrant families. This prototype for privatized family detention is located just north of Austin, TX. As they get rich off our tax-dollars, corporations terrorize and traumatize families just trying to keep survive. A determined people stand in solidarity with the families inside Hutto and work to close this immoral prison.