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This archive is being built, article-by-article, for the benefit of everyone who seeks to know the truth about the real world that we all live in.   If you read just one article a day you will know far more than the average American sheeple.

When you read an article that you think everyone should read, e-mail it to as many people as possible.  Don't be hesitant to e-mail articles to your Congresscritters or other politicians and bureaurats.

It is the job of every Patriot to wake up as many fellow Americans as we can.  The only ones who can save this great country are WE THE PEOPLE!

Read, read, read and then pass it on!  Together we can take our country back from the criminals who took it away from us.


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baby caught LYING!!

cheney admits he gave order to shoot down Flight 93

Usama interview He had NIX to do with 911

Dan Rather speaks the truth about censorship and much more

Jesse Ventura's "American Conspiracies" - Ventura calls for a "real" 911 investigation

Jesse Ventura on Fast Money - Geraldo sees the truth

Anthony J. Hilder & Clyde Lewis

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tells the TRUTH about 911

barry soetor offended by truth from President Ahmadinejad

News broadcast on 9.11.2001 proves it was an inside job!

Did 911 Really Change Everything?

Charlie Sheen - Top Yahoo search - 911 videos - 911 Timeline

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Free World Film Works Catalog


911 Truth Archive

Celebrity Truthers

Government/Engineer/Citizen Truthers




Joe Rogan

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Russia Today

Washinton Times

Open letter to celebrities

Charlie Sheen

Politicians for 911 Truth

Italian President Francesco Cossiga

BBC Reports Truth

Nader Calls for New 911 Investigation

Air America Airs Ventura

Ventura Body Slams Sean

Jesse Ventura Says NO to 911 Fairy Tale!

Willie Nelson Says NO Deal!

French Actress Speaks Out

Lone Gunman Producer Questions 911


WTC 7 ad

Richard Falk of the UN

Kevin Bracken of Maritime Union (Australia)

Daniel Ellsberg

John Schneider

Jerry King teaches O'Liar

Jerry King (Geraldo Rivera) becomes a Truther

James Ridgeway

Irish talk show host

Jeff Becker



Col. Shaffer

Col. Shaffer vid

Architects & Engineers Conference

New evidence

WTC 7 vid

David Chandler shows a gravity demolition

Malaysian ex-Primere

Ventura will NOT back down on 911

David Ray Griffin

911 Convention

911 Reasons

Russia Today

Malasian PM 

Russia Today Tells the TRUTH

Pilots learn that Flt. 77 was NOT hijacked

Carl Cameron

FBI Whistleblower

911 reasons why it was an inside job

Inside Job

911 Commission doubts lie

EU knows

UK knows

Italia knows

People question the 911 story

Vets for 911 Truth

Citizen Investigation Team 911 video

David Ray Griffin WTC 7

Kurt Sonnenfeld

Richard Gage video

Richard Gage article

911 Commissioner Slams baby bushka

41 Counterterrorism & IC Vets

Jimmy Carter Calls for a New Investigation

Experts Know the Truth

Terry Arnold

Ex-Marine Officer Questions

Engineers Tell the Truth

Engineers Say It's Impossible

Pentagon Hoax

bush crime family timeline

ruddy juli

cheney/rummy ordered cover-up


mayor of London

New flight 93 footage

bush thought Flight 93 was shot down

Chertoff Damns Patriots

The Family financed 911

Cheering jews

Dancing jews

911 Commission 1

911 Commission 2

bush knew

bush knew

US Corp. keeps al Qaeda's money from victims

Tower Air

ehud barak

911 Truthers Mocked

dick cheney Knew

dick cheney Knew

bush Gang Knew

bush Gang Could have stopped 911

Insiders Knew about 911 Beforehand

W.H. Knew of the 911 Attack

Bill Clinton Confronted by 911 Truthers


lee hamilton's bizarre comments

mark bingham

bush crime fam stopped looking for usama

usama never on FBI wanted list for 911


Free World Film Works Catalog





Al-Qaeda boss dined with Pentagon brass

Before 911

Bush Gang was warned

Early Reports

911 Truth is Not "Old News"

Did 911 Really Change Everything?



The Truth by Dr. Monteith

The WTC towers COULD have been wired with explosives

Hard drives prove some knew beforehand

SRAS was turned on

Hijackers still on the loose

911 accomplices

israel knew

French knew

WTC 7 ad

Fires in Twin Towers out

Freefall is IMPOSSIBLE

WTC 7 blown down

Towers cannot fall


Delay cost lives

WTC 7 Demolished

WTC 7 facts

Demolition of the towers

Botched Demolition

Thermite Found

Take the political quiz



BS Cover-up

CIA/Mossad burn Russian 911 files

National Geographic hit piece

Second National Geographic hit piece

rice/baby nonsense

earl hutchinson stooge


Free World Film Works Catalog


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