These are some military patches.

To Serve Man

The 509th Bomb Wing flew B-2 stealth bomber test flights, and used to be based at Roswell, N.M., home of the 'Roswell Incident.'


The Ghost Squadron - Classis Caece - Noli Rogare - De Multa Nocte

This patch was worn by an obscure unit called the "Ghost Squadron" operating out of a secret Air Force base near Groom Lake to provide helicopter support.


A lifetime of Silence - Behind the Green Door

The origins of this patch remain unknown. The red star is in Southwest, which is many secret units' home, while military intelligence typically uses green vaults.



The Tri-Service Standoff Attack Missile was a classified cruise missile symbolized by the Tasmanian Devil. The acronym Tssam recalled the cartoon character.


Panther Den - Information Warfare

Panther Den is a Special Access Program based at Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass., responsible for defending and attacking computer networks.


National Reconnaissance Office - We Own the Night

This patch commemorates the August 17, 2000, launch of a "classified National Reconnaissance Office payload" atop a Titan IV rocket.



Minotaur is a still-classified program undertaken by Lockheed Martin's Advanced Development Programs division, the Skunk Works.


Nitwits Rubes Oafs - Top Secret - Setec Astronomy

The first letter of each word in the phrase "Nitwits Rubes and Oafs" spells out the agency responsible for this patch: the NRO, the National Reconnaissance Office


Black Cat

The 413th Test Squadron, nicknamed the "Bombcats" and also known as Sundowner and Zipper, organized flight tests of Electronic Warfare systems around the world