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Where's Rush?

Fred Barnes is a GOP parrot and lap dog who should retire.  He is a regular guest on a few of the Bush Gang talk shows.

Michael Barone, of US News & World Report, is another GOP oldster who should retire.  He has nothing of interest to say and never did.

Glenn Beck is a typical GOP lap dog without teeth.

Wolf Blitzer tries to be impartial, but he is a rabid supporter of Israel and the Jews.  He was a lobbyist for a Jewish PAC.

Neal Boortz is a typical GOP lap dog who does what he is told. His biggest passion is passing a national sales tax.  Poor Neal doesn't know that the New World Order Gang wants the NST and when they get it they will keep the illegal Federal Reserve Corp. income tax.

Tucker Carlson is a smug lap dog who thinks he's smart.  He doesn't bother to think about reality.  He simply parrots the party line and makes stupid comments about current events.  He's more of a comedian than a pundit.

Neil Cavuto is a smug GOPpy who pretends to be neutral.  He blew his cover the week of the 2006 election.  Avoid this twit.

Ann Coulter is the best looking of the Bush Gang pundits, but she rarely criticizes her masters.  She could tell the truth if she had a spine, but most media lap dogs are spineless.  She viciously attacks the godless liberals which is good.

Mike Gallagher is a GOP parrot who pushes the party line.  I know nothing about him, but since he worships Baby Bush it's obvious he is a party parrot.

Sean Hannity is the most capable of the attack parrots, but he doesn't fair well when someone gets on his TV or radio show who knows what he is talking about.  He talks over them and then cuts them off on his radio show.  On his TV show he gets embarrassed frequently because Alan Colmes is much brighter.

Brit Hume is somewhat impartial, but he leans toward Bush and the GOP.

Laura Ingraham is the weakest of the GOP lap dogs.  She is almost as lame as Rush and does little damage.  If you want to watch a pretty neo-concon face watch Coulter.

Morton Kondracke is a regular guest on a few of the Bush Gang talk shows.  He faithfully parrots the GOP line.  He's an empty suit as all of the GOP and DNC lap dogs are.

Larry Kudlow is a Rockefeller shill as most media lap dogs (left & right) are.  He praises big business, big government, free trade and the New World Order pogrom.

Rush "Bimbo" Limbaugh is the most rabid attack parrot of this gang and the most arrogant GOP lap dog.  He is not a good debater so he rarely has guests on his radio show and he almost never interviews men who know what they are talking about. When Rush gets a caller on who disagrees with him he mocks him and cuts him off.   No knowledgeable person takes him seriously.  He is comic relief just as Bush is.  He was created by the GOP which poured millions of dollars into his radio show.  The GOP put him on TV, but that experiment failed miserably.  The GOP continues to fund Rush as well as all of their attack dogs.

Chris Matthews, host of Hardball, was a beakless parrot.  He was weaker than water and extremely boring.  But once the primary race heated up he got serious. He also brought out the hard ball and bats when the evil zombie (john mcMORON) and the wicked witch of the North went into action. Watch him M-F without fail.

McLaughlin is another Rockefeller shill who loves big business, big government and the NWO pogrom. 

Michael Medved is a converted Democrat.  This GOP lap dog is intelligent, but he can't see the truth.  He dismisses facts and says that the GOP political philosophy is absolute truth.  He is a GOP parrots who pushes the party line and cuts off everyone who knows what they are talking about.

Dennis Miller is a rabid Bush attack parrot, but since he is a comedian his audience is very small.  He slashes the liberals and gets laughs in the process.

Robert Novak is not a GOP lap dog and parrot, but he doesn't oppose the Bush Gang enough to be considered an honest pundit.

Bill O'Reilly, host of "The Spin Zone," is the number two attack parrot for the Bush Gang.  Like Rush, he is a poor debater and when he interviews men who know what they are talking about he says facts are theories, he calls them names, makes faces at them, talks over them, threatens to sick the FBI on them and then cuts them off.  He says that Prof. Kevin Barrett of the University of Wisconsin has no facts to support his knowledge that men in the Bush Gang were involved in the 911 attack on America and the on-going cover-up.  In reality the facts are myriad that certain people in the Bush Gang were involved in the 911 attack.

Bill is a serious embarrassment to all true conservatives as Rush, Hannutty and most of the Bush attack parrots are.  He is the most obnoxious GOP lap dog in America.  He admits he is mean and he angers all respectable people by his rude and arrogant manner of speech.  No one who is knowledgeable about politics takes this sexual predator for real.  Like Rush he is the comic relief.

Michael Reagan, the adopted son of Ronald WILSON Reagan and Nancy Davis, is a favorite son of the GOP.  He has a name to live up to and will never support the truth and America.

Pat Robertson, host of the 700 Club, is a GOP insider who sold his soul to the GOP/NWO Gang years ago.  He was hired to keep the religious fanatics in line just as Gerald Falwell, John Hagee and many others were.

Joe Scarborough is a mild-mannered lap dog who tries to be fair.  He still supports the Bush Crime Family, the Bush Gang and the New World Order Gang.  He had the gall to defend Bush for waiting seven minutes to do something after the second plane hit.

Tony Snow was a radio pundit, who occasionally criticized Bush, until he was hired by the Bush Gang to be its press secretary.  Tony gladly sold his soul to the Bush Gang.  Tony found out the hard way to selling one's soul to the devil ends in serious ailments and eventually an early death.

Michael "Savage: Wiener is not the typical "conservative" talk show host.  He was a leading beatnik and he is a homosexual.  He deflects attention away from his sexual preference by attacking the "homosexual mafia."  Remember, he lives in Frisco.  He backs the Bush Gang concerning the destruction of the Constitution and their absurd 911 conspiracy theory.  It's a waste of time listening to him and all of the GOP lap dogs.

The entire Bush Media Puppet Gang is totally ignorant of reality. They are liberals  in conservative clothing.  They are for deficit war spending, the Karl Marx income tax, the Rockefeller Federal Reserve Corp., Karl Marx public indoctrination pogrom (public education), the Karl Marx inheritance tax, the Hitlerian security laws, wars of aggression, and suppression of freedom of speech. Bill O'Reilly and Rush are flaming liberals.  All of these self- righteous, ill-informed ditto-heads either do not know their masters are evil men who want to be absolute dictators of America and the world or they are willing pawns of the vast, left-wing conspiracy to create an Old World Order ala the Roman Empire.  These media lap dogs have sold their souls to the NWO Gang and most likely will end up in the NWO civilian concentration camps when Gulag America is established.



Patrick Buchanan

Lou Dobbs

Alex Jones

Keith Olbermann

Pat Buchanan is an honest pundit most of the time, but he leans too far to the GOP side.  He opposes Bush and the GOP on many topics such as illegal aliens, free trade, deficit spending and the illegal war in Iraq.  He ran against the elder Bush and would have won the GOP nomination if there had been a free election.  The primaries were rigged to give G.H.W. Bush the nomination and the general election was also rigged.  Most elections have been rigged for the last 50 plus years. Buchanan.org

Lou Dobbs is an honest host and he does not parrot the Bush talking points.  He opposes several the Bush Gang policies especially immigration and the North American Union.  He has been attacked by the NWO Gang and labeled a conspiracy theorist.  Robert Pastor, of the CFR, said in an interview with a reporter of Lou Dobbs Tonight that there is no move to create a North American Union.  To see if CFR Pastor is lying type North American Union into any search engine. Watch Lou Dobbs Tonight!0-0dobbs.jpg (1722 bytes)

Alex Jones is the most fearless talk show host on the radio.  He tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  He is also the most impartial talk show host in America.  He's Lou Dobbs, Keith Olbermann and Mike Malloy on steroids.  If you want to know what is really going on in America and the world -- listen to Alex Jones. If you only listen to one talk show host -- listen to Alex JonesTune in to him on the Web.

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Keith Olbermann is another honest talk show host who opposes the crimes of the Bush Gang.  He is the most outspoken TV commentator who exposes the crimes of the Bush Gang in great detail.  The only crime he hasn't touched is the 911 attack. I doubt he will because he knows he would be fired the next day.  Watch his show and forget about the attack parrots.  (MSNBC  M-F)

0-0olbermann1.jpg (25367 bytes)Read the articles below and then the Olbermann Files.

Watch the video Olbermann

Liberal Pundits

Eleanor Clift

Alan Colmes

Al Frankin

Bill Maher

Mike Malloy

Mark Shields

Jon  Stewart

Eleanor Clift is one of the most rabid liberals on TV.  She never criticizes any liberal or any liberal pogrom.  She worships the Clintons and she is an embarrassment to rational liberals.   She is comic relief as Rush, O'Reilly and most neo-conartists are.

Alan Colmes is a typical Democrat lap dog who pushes the liberal line.  When Bill and Hillary illegally occupied the White House from 1993 to 2001 as Bush has he supported their every crime.

Al Frankin is one of the brightest liberals in the pundit game who created the liberal talk radio network (Air America).  It has been a total flop because few liberals in America listen to the radio.  Most liberals are either not interested in radio or too intelligent to bother with radio talk shows, which are geared for the average person.

Bill Maher is one of the most rabid, liberal attack parrots in America.  He was booted off of ABC, but wound up back on cable where he started.  His goal in life is to see George Bush impeached and convicted for war crimes. He won't be impeached.

Mike Malloy was a radio talk show host on Air America until he voiced concerns about the Bush 911 conspiracy theory and had guests on who questioned it.  He was fired by Air America in the Summer of 2006.  He was the top talk show host in the Air America line-up yet they fired him.  He can now be heard on Nova M Radio.

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Mike Malloy.com

Mark Shields is another DNC lap dog who backs most every liberal criminal in DC.   He didn't have the courage to oppose Bill and Hillary for any of their myriad crimes.

Jon Stewart, the host of the Daily Show, is a comedian who makes fun of Bush, but he doesn't expose all of the crimes of the Bush Gang such as the 911 attack.

Articles about the Media Lap Dogs

Why are there so many media lap dogs & attack parrots and so few honest pundits?  Could it be that there is a New World Order Gang who controls the media?


Defenders of Freedom & Truth


911 Challenge

If you think al Qaeda pulled off the 911 attack take the challenge.  It will change your life.

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Keith Olbermann

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Mike Malloy.com

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Alex Jones

Prison Planet.com



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Bush Invites Right-Wing Radio Hosts To White House

The White House yesterday released a photo of President Bush meeting with right-wing radio hosts.

The guests:

Sean Hannity (”Making sure Nancy Pelosi doesn’t become the speaker” is “worth … dying for“)
Neal Boortz (Islam is a “deadly virus“)
Laura Ingraham (Sens. Biden and Boxer are “on the side of” Kim Jong-Il)
Mike Gallagher (Gore and Hitler “brilliantly put together side by side” in campaign video)
Michael Medved (”The subject of my conversation with the president of the United States” was that Islam has “a special violence problem.”)

One big happy family. (Think Progress, October 18, 2006)

Bush Invites Right-Wing Radio Hosts To White House


Talk Radio Bootlickers Kiss Up to Lord Bush

This New York Times (yeah, I know ... sheesh!!!) article addresses how Lord Bush met with some top talk radio propagandists -- Neal Boortz, Sean Hannity, Michael "Crybaby" Medved, Laura Ingraham and Mike Gallagher -- and "explained" his reasoning for decisions on the "terra war," pro-illegal immigration and other critical issues for neo-cons.

Yep, Lord Bush had to get these "talkers" to rally the neo-con shock troops to support the dictator-lordship's decrees. While the Times noted the filthy Michael Savage, they didn't note caveman warrior Alex Jones who is ACTUALLY a true conservative and patriot.

While I despise all the names (except Jones, who I have the utmost respect for) above, Medved is particularly awful. And I speak from experience, because I interviewed him for a Texas newspaper and he was the biggest whiner I've ever met!

Writes Times reporter Jim Rutenberg: "On his Web site, Mr. Medved wrote how Mr. Bush spoke about his commitment to his immigration plan in terms of the fight against terrorism. He said the president made a case that if he were to give in to conservative complaints, "the nation’s enemies (and the rest of the world) would take away the belief that the president could be bullied, prodded, overwhelmed and intimidated."

What the hell?!?!? Did you read that Orwellian paragraph? Medved says on his site, according to Rutenberg, that Lord Bush won't listen to true conservatives because to do so would be giving in to the terr'ists. This is how crazy-upside/down-insane things have become. At least we know the neo-cons are on the ropes. As Alex Jones just said, "I smell blood."  (October 17, 2006) http://spelunkingthroughthechaos.blogspot.com/2006/10/talk-radio-bootlickers-kiss-up-to-lord.html [Ed. note: It is truly sad to see men who claim to be independent hosts to cozy up to Bush.  There must be a separation of media and state for there to be any freedom in America.  Sadly, the state has virtual control over the liberal & "conservative" media.  The Constitution created a massive wall of separation between media and state, but that wall was torn down and no longer exists.   I must note that the Constitution created NO wall of separation between church and state.  Until 1962 the church was involved in the political system with NO laws to keep it out.]


Olbermann: The Day Habeas Corpus Died

 Today, 135 years to the day after the last American President (Ulysses S. Grant) suspended habeas corpus, President Bush signed into law the Military Commissions Act of 2006. At its worst, the legislation allows President Bush or Donald Rumsfeld to declare anyone — US citizen or not — an enemy combatant, lock them up and throw away the key without a chance to prove their innocence in a court of law. In other words, every thing the Founding Fathers fought the British empire to free themselves of was reversed and nullified with the stroke of a pen, all under the guise of the War on Terror.

Video-WMP Video-QT

Jonathan Turley joined Keith to talk about the law that Senator Feingold said would be seen as "a stain on our nation's history."

Turley: "People have no idea how significant this is. Really a time of shame this is for the American system.—The strange thing is that we have become sort of constitutional couch potatoes. The Congress just gave the President despotic powers and you could hear the yawn across the country as people turned to Dancing With the Stars. It's otherworldly..People clearly don't realize what a fundamental change it is about who we are as a country. What happened today changed us. And I'm not too sure we're gonna change back anytime soon. (Crooks and Liars, 10.17.2006)


Most Compelling TV Comment Since Murrow

That's a pretty strong statement, I realize, but Wednesday night's "Special Comment" by MSNBC's Keith Olbermann on the loss of habeas corpus protections lives up to the billing.

On his "Countdown" show last night (Oct. 18, 2006), Olbermann delivered an eloquent explanation of why George Bush's signing of the Military Commission Act on Tuesday is such a betrayal of American values.

Olbermann's "Special Comment" was well-researched, grounded in more than 200 years of American experiments-gone-bad with restricting rights of people under suspicion in times of alleged foreign dangers, dating back to John Adams' Alien and Sedition Acts. Rather than boring the audience, Olbermann's forays into history added power and depth to his denunciation of Bush's signing of the latest atrocity.

Although Olbermann pulled no punches in his attack on Bush, his was not a partisan diatribe. He was not criticizing Bush and praising Democrats. Several of his historical examples -- Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt -- were Democrats who disregarded the sanctity of habeas corpus.

No, Olbermann was not speaking as a closet Democrat, as a Fox News commentator would speak as a closet Bush backer while claiming to be fair and balanced. Olbermann was not speaking as someone who coddles terrorists and wants them to "win."

Olbermann was speaking as an American who values the freedoms and protections guaranteed by the Constitution and respected -- for the most part -- by previous presidents. And he did it with passion.

His most important salvo came at the end when he delivered a warning to Bush: When Bush leaves office in a little over two years and some other person is president, perhaps someone Bush doesn't trust as much as he trusts himself, what will prevent that future president from having Bush himself arrested? Who -- and what -- will protect Bush?

And that's what's scary about the measure. Not what Bush will do with it, but some other president whose name and character we don't yet know years hence.

Olbermann put his finger on the greatest threat of the measure. And he's just a sports guy at heart.

Incredible. Night after night.

Watch it and tell your friends.News Hounds | October 19 2006  http://prisonplanet.com/articles/October2006/191006_b_Compelling.htm


To read more stunning articles by Keith Olbermann go to the

Olbermann Files

Video clips of Keith Olbermann, the new Edward Murrow

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Enemies of the Constitution, America & the American people!

Save Lou Dobbs and the departed Tony Snow and Tim Russert.