Bill Clinton Confronted in Austin

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bill Clinton Responded to an "Investigate 9/11" sign during an Austin Rally (2/27/08).

As mobs of people in the crowd shouted for the sign to be put down-- and still others tore the 9/11 sign away-- Clinton told the crowd, "It's an honor to be heckled by people who are afraid of the truth."

True doublespeak.

Part in parcel with the Clinton Administrations role in prior knowledge about Bin Laden's operations as well as a looming attack...

Former National Security Advisor in the Clinton administration, Sandy Berger, was convicted of charges related to stealing/removing and destroying classified documents pertaining to pre-9/11 intelligence.

Questions and accusations also remain about the roles of Sandy Berger and the Clinton Administration at large of obfuscating the 9/11 Commission's investigation (Bergers charges relate to this period).

Despite this, Sandy Berger has now joined the Hillary Clinton campaign in an advisory capacity and would likely enter a Hillary Clinton administration.