Clinton Cover-Up Secretary Works For Obama

The loyal Bill Clinton secretary who helped him obstruct justice and conceal an extramarital affair with a White House intern is working for Barack Obama.

The 69-year-old Clinton confidante, Betty Currie, has emerged from retirement in Maryland to join Obama’s all-star transition team. Could it mean that Currie will soon return to her old digs at Pennsylvania Avenue?

After all, she was recruited by Obama’s transition co-chairman, John Podesta, who happened to be White House chief of staff under Clinton. Podesta tapped Currie because the two have worked together for three decades and he has never known anyone with more grace and dedication

Evidently that includes obstructing justice for her sleazy boss and helping him sneak around the White House to have a secret romance with an intern young enough to be his daughter. Currie was Clinton’s personal secretary during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and she was a knowing accomplice in the affair as well as the efforts to cover it up. 

An independent counsel report revealed that Currie did everything in her power to abet the affair—even staying at the office after hours and on weekends just to admit Lewinsky—and later help the president hide it from investigators.

The Starr Report details how Currie acted as intermediary in the president’s one-on-one meetings and sexual encounters with Lewinsky. The cherished secretary would authorize Lewinsky’s White House entry and personally escort her to the West Wing for rendezvous with Clinton. 

Some believe Currie should be on probation instead of retirement for the deplorable role she played in the shameful Clinton administration. Obviously Obama isn’t among them. (Judicial Watch Blog, 12.17.2008)