New Documentary Charges Obama Stole Nomination From Hillary

Fox News
July 12, 2010

“We Will Not Be Silenced 2008? is a film made be life-long Democrat Gigi Gaston that cites evidence of fraud and voter intimidation during the caucus process in 2008.

This is a fantastic LIE! It was Hillary who stole a large number of primaries from Barry Soetoro! Hillary did NOT bother with the caucus states. She felt they were unimportant states.

We know for 100% certainty that her gangsters stole the New Hampshire primary. The day before she was down in the polls by 10 percentage points. By rigging the computer voting machines she came out on top by 3 percentage points. That is a 13 percent swing in 24 hours. The pro-Hillary media (especially Fox News) said she won because of her crying jag the day before.

Hillary's Gang rigged the California primary. Soetoro was ahead by 10 percentage points the day before and lost by 13 percentahe points! WOW!!! That is a 23 percent swing in 24 hours! That is IMPOSSIBLE! The only answer is election fraud. Her gangsters rigged many other primaries to keep her in the race.


It was Hilary who rigged the election of 2008 - NOT Soetoro!

WAKE UP AMERICA! Hillary wants to serve 8 more years in the White House in clear violation of the Conbstitution! She had her 8 years as president of the U.S. Corporation with Bill as her stooge and front man. She needs to move on to the UN and become Secretary General of that corrupt organization.

America the Beautiful

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