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This is the official website of FREE WORLD FILM WORKS . We are dedicated to bringing the truth to the people of the planet through Anthony J. Hilder's documentary films. Please do not purchase our products from other vendors. Websites selling our products are being illegally bootlegged. Please support our efforts by purchasing them here only.


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It’s no longer safe to breathe the air, eat the food, or drink the water. The people of this Planet are being deliberately poisoned by a Criminal Cabal, whose goal it is to own the World, everything, and everyone in it. They know that the majority of the population is arrogant, ignorant, & apathetic - or don’t give a damn. The people have become like puppets & pawns.  They will be sacrificed when necessary. This Evilarchy makes nothing but Death, Debt & Disease.

Get your copy of Air Auschwitz and learn what Big Brother is dumping into the air we all breathe. Once you have watched this astounding video pass it on. Give it to people you love to wake them up from their sleep. Give it to someone and get it back after they have watched it and then give it to someone else. Keep giving it out until everyone you know is fully awake.

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The Catholic Church is out of the Bag!

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Anthony exposes the criminal corporation called the "Fed."

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New Book   Big Brother is Watching You Click here.

This book shows that the New World Order is rapidly approaching. It also shows that the Bible clearly teaches the Rapture is not an imminent event and that it cannot take place at any moment. Many prophetic warning signs have already been fulfilled, and many more must be fulfilled before the Tribulation starts.


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