A Short Biography of  Anthony J. Hilder

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Hilder has been the host of the Millennium 2000 TV series, as well as the popular syndicated radio show Radio Free World. He is the originator of Radio Free America and directly responsible for electing the first independent state Governor of the 20th Century, Wally Hickel of Alaska. While there, he was successful in spearheading the first freedom-of-choice in medicine legislation in the nation.

Hilder produced the llluminati-CFR records narrated by Myron Fagan in 1967. This was the first recorded history of Illuminism in the world. He is the author of The Warlords of Washington, done with Curtis B. Dahi, HR's former son-in-law, exposing the setup of American involvement in World War II at Pearl Harbor. He has done in excess of 4,400 interviews with politically and culturally significant world figures. He has produced more than 300 successfully-released and highly informative records, audio cassettes and video tapes ranging from Pawns in the Game with Commander William Guy Carr to Red Stars Over Hollywood.

In the past year he has released MegaMurder, The Final Solution with Drs.. Michael Culbert and Alan Cantwell, The Panic Project with Norio Hayakawa, The Satanic Dynamic with Don McAlvany, 666, Mark of the Beast with Terry Cook, To Steal a Kingdom with Michael Dougherty calling for the restoration of the legitimate rights of the Hawaiian people, Nazi 94 comparing Hitler's gun legislation of 1938 with U.S. gun legislation of 1968, Satan's System 666 with Terry Cook, The Beautiful Side of Evil with Johanna Michaelson, The AIDS Answer with Ed McCahe, America & Ordo ab Chao, the first Amerikan free-right rap record, and The Crisis Creation exposing the CIA setup of urban racial strife, endemic gang crime and ultimate civil panic.

Early on Hilder was in charge of production at one of Hollywood's major motion picture studios. He has acted in several rather bad movies, has worked as a nightclub entertainer, and played a featured role in the M-Squad television series with Lee Marvin. Comments on Hilder's career, both good and bad, can be read in over twenty books. He has traveled to Africa, South America and Europe in his battle for world freedom.

Hilder has been described as "the hardest hitting talk show host in America" He has been thrown off over half-a-dozen major television and radio shows during the broadcast when he ventured into territory forbidden by the mainstream media. Hilder defines the term "politically incorrect." He pulls no punches, takes no prisoners, and tells it like it is.

He is the author of The Free World Manifesto which is the antithesis of Hitler. Marx and Mao This seminal work calls for an alliance of free nations in opposition to the Cashist-controlled New World Order. Its premise calls for the recognition of all  independent linguistic, tribal, racial, ethnic, religious and political nation states as sovereign members of the Free World Alliance.


The FREE WORLD is an alliance of political, ethnic, tribal, religious and linguistic nation states that seek to be free, sovereign and in dependent. Anthony J. Hilder is author of the Free World Manifesto. Hilder's Manifesto is diametrically different from those of Hitler, Marx and Mao. It calls for the political power now vested in the Orwellian Evilarchy to be immediately returned to the hundreds of nation states that have been colonized, communized, conned and controlled over the past two-hundred years.

Unlike John F Kennedy and Adolf Hitler, who asked for the citizens of their nations to work for their governments, Anthony J. Hilder states "Ask not what you can do for your government, but rather what your government can do for you - for our governments must be our servants, and we the people their masters."

Hilder is the author of The Warlords of Washington. Hilder is also the moderator on Nazi '94, None Dare Call It Murder, Reichstag '95, The Panic Project, The Counterfeit Conservatives, The Crisis Creation, and Megamurder: The Final Solution. Hilder produced the historic Illuminati CFR recordings with Myron Fagan in 1967 which changed the course of American politics, revealing that the nation's enemies are primarily internal rather than foreign.

Anthony J. Hilder has personally interviewed Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Marlon Brando, Walter Winchell, Senators George Murphy & Strom Thurmond and thousands of other newsworthy people. He has appeared on Ancient Mysteries of the World on CBS, on Asahi Television's X-Files Special for Japan, The Joe Pyne Show, General Electric Theater, M-Squad, The Les Crane Show plus has been interviewed for German, French and Dutch television specials.

Hilder is a Free Rightist and speaks before groups ranging from the most conservative to the Black Panthers. He considers the Black Man an "endangered species" and lectures on the genetic engineering of AIDS. Hilder supports the secession of Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico from the Union. He is an honorary Chicaloon Indian and has been initiated into the Hawaiian brotherhood. Hilder has been labeled "one of the most enlightened men in America."

THE FREE WORLD ALLIANCE'S Anthony J. Hilder is now available for speaking engagements. He can be contacted at 310.895.4474 or via e-mail -- freeworldalliance@yahoo.com or by snail mail -- FWFW, P.O. Box 1381, Dewey AZ 86327 (928.237.5351)


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