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Frankenfed: The Monster Among Us

Anthony J. Hilder exposes the crimes of the Federal Reserve Corporation - a private corporation that has absolute control over the issuance of currency in America. The Fed collapsed the economy to scare Congress into giving them $30 trillion dollars in credit and dictatorial power over the government and We The People. The economic stimulus bill does not permit Congress to know what Frankenfed does with the $30 trillion (FRNs) that We The People will be forced to pay interest on indefinitely. This film blows the doors open of the Frankenfed mansion and lets you the monster inside that demonic structure. FrankenFed

2009 Anthony J. Hilder

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New Book - "Big Brother Is Watching You" - Click here.

This 360 page book shows that Big Brother's New World Order is rapidly approaching. It reveals the technologies Big Brother is using to watch your every move, listen to everything you say and hear, track what you buy and track your movements on the Internet. This book also shows you what you can do to stop Big Brother! You can order a paperback copy at cost 10 FRNs.


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