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"The Daily Buzz on Truth and Revelation"
By Anthony J Hilder and Gary Richard Arnold

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McSame John McCain is just a senile version of Geo. Bush.

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It's a Depression - By Design   The Depres- sion that we all find ourselves in was created by the Federal Reserve bankers.

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Skull & Bones: The Catholic Conn...   The truth about the Roman Catholic Corp.

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Final Season 1 of 2

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Final Season 2 of 2

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Charting The People 1 of 2

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Charting The People 2 of 2

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Facing the Reality 1 of 2

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Facing the Reality 2 of 2

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Land of the Free? Jan 31, 2008 - Anthony talks about the loss of freedom, the primary "dog & pony" show,  taxes.

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The Evilarchy Feb 12, 2008 Anthony talks about the Evilarchy that rules America and controls the White House candidates.

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The Coming NAUZI Feb 14, 2008 - Anthony talks about his opposition to the EU, the Nazi styled NAU, & the plan to usher in the Hitlerian NWO.  


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