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WE THE PEOPLE must take our country and government back!

The only way to do this is to vote out ALL incumbents!

In 2012 WE THE PEOPLE must vote out ALL incumbents!

In the primaries Republicans must vote out ALL of their incumbents!

Democrats must vote out ALL of their incumbents!

The No Incumbents Movement is not pro-Republican or pro-Democrat. It is pro-American!


This Fall you can send a message by voting out incumbents!

Vote out as many incumbants this Fall and then in 2012 we will vote out ALL incumbents!

Call the radio talk shows and talk about the No Incumbents Movement!

Call Baldwin, Beck, Bohannon, Boortz, Dobbs, Doyle, Gallagher, Hannity, Hartman, Jones, Levin, Liddy, Malloy, Medved, O' Reilly, Rush and Savage!

Here is a list of radio talk show hosts. Call them and talk about the No Incumbents Movement!


Do you need help getting your message out to the world?

Would you like to help us get the message of Freedom out to the world?

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