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Chemtrail Watch

Swedish official admits toxic 'chemtrails' are real, not a wild conspiracy theory


GMO Watch

Biotech Scientist: It’s ‘Awesome’ That GMOs Cause Infertility, Death (Video)


Health Watch

Baking Soda to Treat Colds and the Flu

Turmeric Found to Be Beneficial for Lung, Liver and Colon Health



Banks steal safe deposit box


Big Brother


BB eavesdrop on you via your cellfone


Cellfone to be implanted in your brain


Brain enhancement?


Texas schools to track students via chip in ID


Big Brother to track your medication compliance with electronic transmitters in pills

Fluoride is human enhancement


Completely corrupt Portland city council secretly met with fluoride lobbyists before voting to poison Oregonians' water

A New Breed of Genetically Engineered Vaccines Will Take Control of Our DNA and Minds

Jab that could put a stop to stress without slowing us down

Big Brother eugenics in USA


US use of truth drug revealed

Army in a time of transition (CFR)


Julian Assange is "enemy of the state"


Hundreds of herbal remedies now outlawed across Europe

NYPD paid me to 'bait' Muslims, informant claims


Barry Soetoro Watch


Obama’s Lucky Charms: A Ring That Says “There Is No God Except Allah”


DC Crook Watch


HR 645 IH





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