As of late 2009 the only American Patriot Personality openly speaking out for the creation of a New British Constitution and the Abolition of the European Union was Anthony J. Hilder.  Within days after Anthony J. Hilder spoke before Brian Gerrish’s British Constitution Group on October 3l, 2009, Prime Minister Brown surrendered England’s Sovereignty to the European Union at the Lisbon Treaty.  This signaled the end of England’s Independence as a free and self-reliant Nation.  This Act of High Treason was committed by the Prime Minister in collusion with the Conservative Party’s Prime Minister to be, Dave Cameron. It was Cameron who promised the British people that they would be given a Referendum - to vote for or against, forever emersing England into the European Union.   He lied – and Britain’s Sovereignty died.  This total betrayal of Britain’s people transpired while the majority of England’s citizens were stricken with arrogance, ignorance & apathy.  They either did not care or hadn’t a clue as to what was going down. England was sold out. 

But all is not forsaken.  There is a “Great Awakening” taking place throughout the British Isles.  The British Constitution Group led by Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish, Ian Crane of Alternative View, as well as Cleo Chalmers host of the National Sydnicated Edge TV are reaching hundreds of thousands with the truth.  The St. Anne’s Alliance with James Stewart & Greyling Barraclough out of Blackpool, from UKIP (United Kingdom Independent Party), and thousands of individuals like “The Fighting Days,” Navid, and Ferne Abbott, a one-woman war, are bringing the message of Independence to the sixty million people of Great Britain. From Bristol to Bournemouth - from Manchester to Jersey Island, millions of people are beginning to see through eyes that were once closed.

Hope is alive in the hearts of millions of Christians & Muslims throughout the world who have joined with Anthony J. Hilder to create a Free World Alliance. You’ll get this message in the film “Live in London.”   We will incite a Revelation to avoid a Revolution.  WE MUST!  Losing is not an option.

This film was done with a five camera shoot at the British Constitution Group meeting in London.  We ask the viewers of this film to make copies in both British PAL and NTSC and offer it as a free download on your website. England “can be saved” through the manufacture and distribution of films, but it will take our combined efforts expanded ten thousand fold to restore freedom.  We can literally reach ten million with a movie before a book can be read by one.  

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An interview with Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish of the British Constitution’s Group.   

Only a handful of people in England are keeping the Island Nation’s Sovereignty from slipping into a “Sea of Surrender” and into the European Union.  Commander Brian Gerrish, now retired from the British Navy is one of the primary personalities holding steadfast in the fight to keep the country’s freedom.  The Battle for Britain is not over – it’s just begun. 

In this film Anthony J. Hilder, American Patriot, talks candidly with Gerrish at the “Light of Day House” in Bournemouth on the south coast of England.  Lt. Commander Gerrish, who fully understands how “the dirty work was done” in selling out the English people, now publishes the “UK Column.”  The Column is fast becoming Britain’s leading Illuminati Exposť.  It bars no punches in revealing the shadowy figures behind Blair & Brown which led the way to the surrender of British Sovereignty through the Lisbon Treaty. Gerrish openly makes the stark comparison between Adolf Hilter’s Third Reich of the late thirties and England’s Fourth Reich of the Rich, which has arisen from Britain’s International Banking Elite run by the House of Rothschild. 

Gerrish’s Constitution Group is not alone.  Ian Crane’s Alternative View Conferences,  James Stewart’s “St. Anne’s Alliance,” Cleo Chalmers host of Edge TV, the UKIP (United Kingdom Independent Party) along with the likes of Ferne Abbott, & Grayling Barraclough have joined the ranks in the battle for Britain.

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Grayling Barraclough, Blackpool’s “Best & Brightest” Communicaster to come along in this century joins American Patriot Personality, Anthony J. Hilder, in a discussion of England’s sudden surrender of its Sovereignty to the European Union.  Prime Ministers, Blair & Brown, and all of the Political Pimps & Prostitutes in Parliament went along with ‘THE SELL-OUT.’ They signed on with the Lisbon Treaty.  Are Britain’s Prime Ministers from Sir Edward Heath to the present guilty of High Treason?  Even Dave Cameron, the “Counterfeit Conservative,” who heads up the Tory Party reneged on his promise for a Referendum as well.   They ALL caved to the “Criminal Cashist Cabal” that controls the United Kingdom’s Currency & Commerce.  Is it over?  No! Hell No! The Battle for Britain has just begun.  Anthony J. Hilder is the first American Film Producer to openly support Former Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish of the Constitution Party, James Stewart’s St. Anne’s Alliance, and Ian Crane’s Alternative View in their continuing campaign to draft a British Constitution and abolish the European Union.

In 1967 Hilder released “The First Expose” of the Illuminati in World History. In the past 43 years over a Billion people on the Planet have been made aware of its existence.  His goal now is to lecture throughout the British Isles with “The Blackpool Directive.”  If the United Kingdom is to survive, the people’s Apathy, Arrogance & Ignorance must come to an end.

Barraclough’s intense conversation with Hilder came about spontaneously.  It wasn’t done in a studio with spot lights and a full crew.  It’s a rare sit-down, kick-back, and tell it like it is, private interview.   Both Greyling and Anthony are calling upon the millions of Patriots on both sides of the Atlantic to join in an Alliance of the Free to oppose the United Nations.  This Exposť that will forever put an end to the English Money Monarchy’s control over the country and its citizens.   We encourage you to make copies of this Movie. “A Film can be seen by a Million, before a Book can be read by One.”

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Preview of Anthony's talk on the EU Hitler's dream

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