The ‘Evil’ Side of Noam Chomsky

By Syed Saboor

June 17th, 2010

In the realm of American foreign policy, we have are usual proponents for American militarism overseas. Dubious men of high academic fame are writing nice articles, using intellectual jargon, in highly-glossy magazines and journals to convince us of the potential or real threat to our lives. They constantly cite Iran, Syria, and host of other countries as our mortal threats, but, on the other side of the coin, there are the voices that stand to reason against this barrage of hateful propaganda.

A host of writers and academicians over the past few decades have made a notoriety for themselves as preeminent thinkers and critics of the American government and her allies’ policies towards their neighbors and their actions overseas. Howard Zinn, Christopher Hitchens, Noam Chomsky, Edward Said, and other leftist writers have taken aim at what they see as a government that has gone astray. In the past, Chomsky, in particular, has written and lectured extensively against the abuses of the American and Israeli governments. And, at first glance, it may seem that Chomsky is very much against the present system and its diabolical nature in regards to human rights in terms of its support for derelict regimes and "death" squads. But, in reality, Chomsky is far removed from voices of "real" resistance to the establishment. Although he claims he is against the elites who abuse the system to make money and increase their power for themselves, his statements and actions over the last few decades prove his "evil" connections with the very same elite, that we thought he opposed.

During the 1960’s, Chomsky began to write more about politics. Although trained and well-versed in linguistics, he started out in political writing by criticizing America’s involvement in Vietnam, with his book, American Power and New Mandarins. Over the subsequent decades and years, he wrote even more on politics in regards to America’s actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Now, with that intellectual record, who would ever think that Noam Chomsky is a creation of the establishment. Who would ever think that Noam Chomsky is, better that, a "Judas Goat." Well, the truth has come and is evident for all that want it.

Even though Chomsky vociferously was against the Iraq war and attacked America’s illegal war against Afghanistan, he, in the past, continues to bypass the real impetus for the present nefarious state of affairs. He repeatedly denies the preeminent influence of the Israel lobby in American foreign policy towards Israel and the Palestine situation, despite the fact that it is widely acknowledged to being a leading culprit, if not the culprit in promoting the unholy alliance between Israel and the United States, which even two distinguished professors, Stanley Waltz and John Mersheimer have elucidated upon extensively in their book, The Israel Lobby. He continues to support Communist regimes, as he as done in the past. For example, he defended the murderous regime of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. A regime that killed off millions of innocent Cambodians in literally death camps. Although he claims that the American-backed massacre in East Timor is more worrisome, it still certainly does not absolve Chomsky’s responsibility to condemn Pol Pot and his regime. Chomsky also denies the existence of secret societies working to annihilate people off the face of planet earth. Rarely, does he mention the neoconservative clique in America, and he almost never mentions the

Illuminati, Freemasons, and other subversive organizations, unless, it is to be critical of those who cite them for planning the destruction of the United States and the rest of the world.

But the real indictment of Chomsky is with the very things he has said. And if thinking people examine those quotes of his, they will glean an insight that many have overlooked in their fanfare for anyone they see as "dissident" or "opponent" of big government and corporations. In regards to the idea of a preplanned "genocide" of people, which is what the government in the United States seeks in order to purposely depopulate the world, he does not think that is going at all. Also, he rebuffs the Israel Lobby’s preeminence by saying that Israel is not really in control of Congressional foreign policy. He claims there are other organizations at work doing that, and even makes it the case that Israel follows orders from Washington. In addition, he attacks any allegation of 9/11 being inside job, by claiming that what seemed to be anomalies in the way the incident happened were mere coincidences, but not a willful premeditated plan on the part of "elite" to bring those buildings down. And yet, for all that it is worth, he has spent the better part of his life, claiming to be critic of the "elite." Well, what better proof of how diabolical the "elite" is, by once and for all admitting to their involvement in 9/11, but it really goes to show that Noam Chomsky is really a part of the establishment.

We must all keep in mind, that Noam Chomsky is, indeed, a Leftist intellectual. The neoconservatives came from the same camp as Chomsky is a part of. Chomsky does

attack America, or does he. He attacks the present "system" in America, but really does not go into depth about what that "system" is. Like most leftists of his persuasion, Chomsky is preoccupied with anarchism, socialism, and Communism. If the Soviet Union were committing the same crimes, and did commit the same crimes in the past, Noam Chomsky would most probably not be as hard on them. Not to say, America is innocent of any wrongdoing in world affairs, but it really goes to show that Chomsky’s vision for America is not a country free of despotism, but rather a country remodeled along a Marxist paradigm of religion, politics, economics, and ethnic identity. He openly advocates socialism, for instance, as a panacea for the economic and social ills of American society. His idealization of Marx and other "radical" personalities is not unknown.

In addition to the various points mentioned above, Chomsky fails really to grasp the enormity of "neoconservatism." Although he might mention the term here and there, he still does not specifically refer to them by name as being the chief culprits in this whole impasse between the West and the Islamic world. The real choir of "bandits" who led us into the "war on terror" or rather "war on terrorism," which is what it really should be called. A gang of criminals who have jeopardized the security of the American people and America. The real rogues who have created the real "clash of civilizations," so to speak. Chomsky instead talks about American imperialism so often that he constantly nudges the reader of his works from, again, the hidden "cabal," who orchestrate violence and mayhem. Yes, American imperialism is a problem and a consequence of the vanities of power in the United States, but mention the culprits more often then not! In his most celebrated works recently, like Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Domination and Failed States , notice how he barely mentions them at all. In fact, he never cites them for being a major intellectual source for war and rampage across the globe.

Even in terms of his "hatred" for war. He makes numerous statements, using his slick use of the tongue and linguistic nuances and puzzles to

keep us in the "dark" about his real intentions. For example, he expresses his dismay over the wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, and Serbia, but still paints a negative portrait of the "alleged" villains, still demanding some sort of justice and retribution from them. In the case of Iran, I read an anthology of articles called, Targeting Iran, by one of his acolytes and long-time friends, David Barsamian, who has interviewed numerous "celebrities" on the political "left," like Tariq Ali, Arundhati Roy, and others not to mention. The book does more to demonize Iran, then placate the public from supporting an all-out war against Iran. Basically, the book really justifies and coincides with the propaganda against Iran. Although the writers, in the book, claim going to war against Iran is wrong, but they continually present so much information that makes Iran a horrendously bad country in the world as well a "wicked" country to live in. Just to name one example is the whole issue of women in Iranian society, an issue raised over and over again by feminists, neoconservatives, and others to press for war against the Islamic world, like they did in Afghanistan. This just goes to show how Chomsky uses his words carefully to the worst degree possible. He attacks American foreign policy, but he turns around and justifies the propaganda against America’s ‘enemies." In the previously mentioned book, for instance, many of the writers get into the standard refrain of women’s oppression in Iran, the same propaganda line used by many on the establishment media to denigrate the Iranian clerical regime.

Chomsky also will do the same "newspeak" in reference to the use of "left" and "right" political terminology in describing his opponents or politics, in general. These terms have been so misused, that literally they are useless in describing the "real" politics of individuals or, for that matter, the political debates of the past and of our contemporary times. Politics is way too complicated to circumscribe them into a "left" or "right" political camp. However, Chomsky constantly goes on the offensive against what he sees as "right" wing establishments and think tanks.

But, in essence, the real "red herring" that proves Chomsky’s worth as a dupe for the powers that be is the very fact that the mainstream media far from vilifying him, have actually gone to great lengths to support his agenda and his aims. On the back of literally every book he writes nowadays, a host of establishment publications applaud his "erudition" and "brilliance" as a political writer and commentator. For instance, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Nation, The Boston Globe, and a host of other publications put him in high esteem. Keep in mind that Chomsky has written several books attacking the mainstream media,—Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies, Manufacturing Consent, Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda, Propaganda and the Public Mind, and scores of other articles and books—but Chomsky still manages to get a round of applause from the "mainstream" media. Yes, everybody must manage to come to the realization that certain individuals deserve high regard in academic excellence and scholarly ability, but with Chomsky it is a charade. His supposed indifference to the media is a lie. In his documentaries, he makes the case of his almost never-ending lack of media acceptance and publicity, for instance, on mainstream television. But that is all a part of the necessary "illusion" to steal a Chomsky term. An "illusion" that has to be sustained in order to prove to everybody that he is enemy number one for the "elite" and the "establishment."

Plus, Chomsky makes more money with the reputation of being a supposed "radical," then he would a mainstream political commentator. His fame and fortune are predicated on his acceptance of being a "martyr" for the "Left." By his own admission he is a millionaire, with a wide cult following. Not that being a millionaire is wrong, but the "true" radicals are in jail and barely survive due to their legitimate and honest reportage of the "evils" that plague our world and politics. But Chomsky will continue to defy jail time, because he is not the "threat" to the establishment that we have been led to believe he is. His insanity is evident. The plethora of research and documentation bring very much into question the events surrounding 9/11, but Chomsky will never acknowledge them. Now, if modern-day physics and engineers and other scientists prove conclusively, as has been done, that the events of 9/11 and the World Trade Center could not of happened on their own, unless there was a deliberate attempt to bring the buildings down, then who should we believe science or Professor Noam Chomsky, the esteemed linguist of MIT. I think the facts speak for themselves—an apple is not an orange and what goes up must surely come down, unless you are Noam Chomsky, who is immune to such laws, because he makes the laws and to believe otherwise is anathema to all the laws of Chomskyite physics and linguistic nuances.

But to bring up another point and expand on it is Chomsky’s belief that America dictates Israel’s policies. Yes, Israel is a vital ally for the United States in the Middle East, no doubt, but the "Zionazis" in Congress and in AIPAC are instrumental in making Israel and ally. They dictate the way the American government works. Chomsky’s assertion that Israel is held hostage to the American government is just plain wrong and misleading. Rather, agents of Israel in the American government are holding the United States and the American government hostage to their vile interests and subversion. Keep in mind, Chomsky comes from a long line of Zionists. He never hides the fact, that in his youth, he and his family were drawn to the Zionist cause. Obviously, that love for Zionism, in the case of Chomsky, has really not withered away or "gone with the wind," so to speak.

As long as Noam Chomsky’s books are sold over the counter at Barnes and Noble and other major book retailers and are paraded and marketed on left-wing media outlets and radio stations, Chomsky will still be a hit for the disenfranchised elements of our society, who frown on big government and illegal military adventurism overseas. These same "disenfranchised" will not bother to check out the "real" information, that has been presented in the past and still is by such powerhouses of information and facts, as Michael Collins Piper, Anthony J. Hilder, Texe Marrs, Des Griffin, Dr. John Coleman, Victor Thorn, Mark Glenn, Mark Anderson, Chris Bollyn, and others, but instead rely on a master of "misinformation" to illuminate, or rather deluge and circumvent, our minds into a delirium of lies, half-truths, and recycled garbage to entertain us, but not really bring us to a quick realization of the truth about lies, hypocrisy, imperialism, murder, death, and sabotage, that plagues this country and the rest of the world. Wake up and do not be lied to. Do not believe the so-called "right" or "left," but believe and embrace wholeheartedly the "truth" about your lives and the nefarious state of affairs of Planet Earth. You are being lied to and hoodwinked out of your fortunes by political charlatans, who no more care about family, country, conservatism, truth, and character, then the "evil" leaders who have led us into war against the rest of the world. Yes, Chicken Little was wrong. No, the sky is not red. Yes, governments lie. Yes, war is a tragic consequence of big government and media misrepresentation. Yes, people do meet in secret to discuss plans of world domination. If they did it in the Soviet Union’s Kremlin, they almost surely do it all the time in the "hallowed" halls of the White House and the Pentagon. Do not succumb to violence, but rather educate your minds with the right ammunition of the literary type! And then tell others what you know and have learned.