Read what PG&E wrote about the significance of what the CPUC decides This is an excerpt from PG&E testimony.

"The issue before the Commission how to balance the enormous benefits that SmartMeters™ and the Smart Grid offer while addressing the concerns of those customers who have an aversion to RF-based devices is significant.  Not only does this issue affect California energy policy, but potentially national and international energy policy, as well.  Utilities across the world have begun to roll out advanced metering technology to ensure the increased energy conservation, DR, renewable energy and reduced greenhouse gas emissions that SmartMeters™ enable, and thus policymakers undoubtedly will be observing this proceeding closely. "


Dr. Johansson's letter re: SmartGrid / Smart Meter dangers to CPUC 7.9.2011

In a message dated 7/10/2011, writes:

I have read these emails and what I am taking from it is the importance of watching our language. I have changed some of the posts on the EMF Safety Network website, removing the words "Smart Meter" changing to Spy Meter or Arcing Meter or Hazardous Meters. I also appreciate the direction of making comments on online news stories and calls for funding activists. If concerned people around the US and world knew how important the opposition to these meters in CA, they would back our efforts financially. We could make this a new campaign, and then we could fund more activists and even better organize!


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