by Norio Hayakawa

February 12, 2012

Here is an interesting 1992 item about New Mexico and its missing children:

An interesting article came out in 1992 on Albuquerque Journal, the largest daily newspaper in New Mexico.

The headline was:  "New Mexico High on Missing Child List".

The subheadline was:   "Meeting seeks answers to mysterious problem".

Apparently there was a meeting held about this in 1992.

I remember reading this intriguing article then.

Unfortunately I had misplaced that news clipping somewhere over the years.

I also remember that a few years ago I tried to obtain a copy of this article from the archives of Albuquerque Journal but somehow I could not locate it, but I will keep trying.

Anyway, subsequently in 1993 (as I recall), I made a two-hour video presentation called SECRETS OF DREAMLAND, a short segment of which had to do with some high strangeness in New Mexico.

The video quality was quite poor.

And over the years, after making many copies, I had lost the original.

The Albuquerque Journal article basically asked a question why New Mexico had more missing children per population than any other comparable state.   And it said it was a mystery.

I just hope that it had nothing to do with another mysterious topic of New Mexico, i.e., the rumors about an alleged Dulce underground base (supposedly a bio-genetics lab) in northern New Mexico.

As anyone can see, Dulce is only about 65 miles northwest of Los Alamos National Laboratories, one of which has the world's most advanced research facility on DNA, human genome research projects.

A segment of the population seems to associate the missing children with Dulce, i.e., that they were taken to the underground base for experimentations.

It may be a stretch but, nevertheless, it is an intriguing speculation.


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