Newly Listed Religious Books


Bibles & helps

John MacArthur Study Bible (NKJV) $20.00 (HB) dust cover - vg
Open Bible (New KJV) $4.99 (HB) dust cover -very good
The New Strong's Dictionary (1996) $6.00 (HB) excellent, dust cover
The Restoration of Original Sacred Name Bible $1.00 (PB) fair

Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words (1952)

$6.00 (PB) good (1 volume)

Religious Books

Bakker, Jim I Was Wrong $4.00 (HB) dust cover - good
Beshore, Kenton                     When Will the Rapture Take Place? (09) $15.00 (PB) New (420 pages)
Beshore, Kenton When Will the Rapture Take Place? (09) $10.00 (PB) New, Abridged (270 pg)
Beshore, Kenton Millennium, Apocalypse, Armageddon $5.00 (PB) very good cond. (3)
Bruce, F. F. The Gospel of John $10.00 (HB) vg
Capt, E. Raymond The Great Pyramid Decoded $7.00 (PB) vg
Church, J.R. Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms $2.00 (PB) fair
Donnelly, Ignatius Atlantis $6.00 (HB) dust cover - fair
Durant, Will Age of Faith $5.00 (HB) dust cover - good
Durant, Will The Reformation $5.00 (HB) dust cover - good
Hunt, Dave A Woman Rides the Beast $10.00 (PB) New (549 pages)
Jeffrey, Grant The Signature of God (1996) $4.00 (PB) good (276 pages)
Keller, Werner The Bible as History $4.00 (PB) good
LaHaye, Timothy & Jerry Jenkins Are We Living in the End Times (1999) $4.00 (HB) vg
LaHaye, Timothy How to Study the Bible (1973) $3.00 (PB) 1 - fair & 1- good
Luther, Martin Commentary on Peter & Jude $8.00 (PB) vg
Luther, Martin Commentary on Romans $8.00 (PB) vg
MacArthur, John The Murder of Jesus $5.00 (HB) good
Metford, JCJ Dictionary of Christian Lore & Legend $7.00 (HB) dust cover - vg (272 pages)
Rhodes, Ron Find it Fast in the Bible $3.00 (PB) good
Sheldon, Charles M. In His Steps $2.00 (PB) good
Smith, Chuck The Last Days, Middle East & Revelation $1.00 (PB) fair
Spencer, Duane The Gospel in the Stars $3.00 (HB) fair (60 pages)
Strobel, Lee The Case for Faith (2 copies) $3.00 (PB) fair
Van Impe, Jack 2001: On the Edge of Eternity $4.00 (PB) fair
Velikovsky Worlds in Collision (2 copies) $4.00 (PB) good


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