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Alex Jones

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Why is Bush carrying the Talmud? He can barely read.

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George Bush In Charge Video

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None of the pics on this site are satirical.  They accurately depict what W and the GHW Bush Gang believe.  The finger pic of W below is real (George Bush In Charge Video) and W has vacationed with Usama bin Laden although the pic is not real.

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Baby vacationed with Usama bin Laden.

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Defenders of Freedom & Truth


911 Watch

911 Challenge

(Take the challenge if you think al Qaeda pulled off the 911 attack.  It will change your life.)

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Does Bush want to be the Fuhrer?

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Bush Hall of Shame Gallery

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Who's this?

Recall what elitist luminary and still reputed Bush advisor, Henry Kissinger, said about the troops.

"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

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