The Rothschild's Oil, Pedophilia and Scotland

In the previous article we discussed how Rothschild owned Shell Oil stands accused of covering up the immensity of safety concerns on its North Sea Oil Platforms, and how The Scottish Lord High Advocate, Elish Angelioni, stands as a Rothschild puppet. We also quoted from sources that accuse the Lord High Advocate of obstructing justice in the death of two Scotsmen on one of Shell's oil platforms.

In a remarkable coincidence, Sheriff Patrick Davies, who has falsely imprisoned and censored journalist Robert Green for exposing a high-level Aberdeen pedophile ring, and illegally impeded Robert Green's run for Parliament, also ruled in Shell's favor on the high profile oil platform deaths. Sheriff Davies and Elish Angelioni both seem to have assisted Shell Oil and the Rothschilds in limiting the damage from safety issues regarding the North Sea Oil Platforms.

One mistake that many make, is assuming that a politician is acting on his own behalf, when in fact, he or she may be acting on behalf of a corrupt corporation run be Satanic Psychopaths. If this is the case with Scotland's politicians, it could explain the mysterious link between Angelioni, Davies and the Hollie Greig Case.

"Levy & McRae, the legal firm which represented Elish Angiolini, the Lord Advocate - Scotland’s most senior law officer - last month took The Drum to the Press Complaints Commission and lost.

The online article at the root of the dispute, which we publish on the following pages in full in addition to the PCC adjudication, was a report on a failed Freedom of Information request. Last year the Lord Advocate threatened to sue our sister magazine The Firm for reporting complaints from the family of Hollie Greig, a young Down’s Syndrome child and victim of an alleged paedophile ring." (Source)

What if, as she has done in so many other instances, the Lord Advocate was not acting on her own behalf? If, as in the cases mentioned in my previous articles, she is just a puppet controlled by the Rothschild family and Shell Oil, then what is the probability that she is also acting in their interests in obstructing justice, and preventing exposure, of high-level Pedophile rings?

Another serious question deals with Sheriff Patrick Davies. Davies is the Aberdeen Judge who is accused of conspiring with Angelioni and Rothschild agents to prevent other lawsuits over North Sea Oil platform safety concerns. He has also played a leading role in suppressing the Hollie Greig case and obstructing Robert Green's attempts to make the story public. In the words of Robert Green:

“On 20th April the Returning Officer formally accepted my candidature, there being no objections. I thence applied to Stonehaven Sheriff Court for a temporary variation on my bail conditions to allow me free access to the constituency for the period running up to and including election day,” the letter reads.

This was heard in camera at the court before Sheriff Davies on 30th April. My application was refused by the Sheriff on two grounds, first that I did not belong to, to quote the Sheriff, “a proper professional party”, despite the SACL for which I stood being a properly constituted and recognised political party, and secondly that my appearance on the streets of Aberdeen South might lead to civil unrest." (Source)

Interestingly enough, Sheriff Davies was himself responsible for creating "civil unrest" when an angry mob formed outside his courtroom over his ridiculously light sentence on the head of the worst kind of pedophile:

"Kieron Hodgson was found to have 80 photographs and videos on computers and discs at his Auchenblae home between June 2004 and March 2007.

Some of the images were rated as the most severe of their type.

At Stonehaven Sheriff Court yesterday, Hodgson was sentenced to three years’ supervised probation and ordered to do 195 hours of unpaid work in the community. He was escorted from the court by police officers as a small but hostile group gathered outside.

The 26-year-old’s computer was being investigated in connection with a separate case when police uncovered his links to websites which allow people to pay for sexual images of children. The court heard previously that videos of girls between two and 14, and one video of a young boy, were found on discs at Hodgson’s home at Roselea, Inverurie Street.

Passing sentence, Sheriff Patrick Davies said: “I have concluded that the interests of society would be better served by a lengthy probation order. I take the view that a relatively lengthy period of imprisonment would provide the punishment and do nothing to overcome the problem.” (Source)

There you have it folks, a judge that prosecutes those that investigate high-level pedophiles, and permits those that are caught in the act of pedophilia to go forth and commit further outrages. The fact that international pedophile rings exist, involving high-level members of society, is no longer a matter for speculation:

"Dozens of  men - including community leaders, a police officer, a teacher and a youth worker - have been arrested over child pornography and abuse offences after the nation's biggest anti-pedophile investigation.

The six-month joint operation by the Australian Federal Police and state police forces uncovered several cases of child molestation and highlighted the astonishing way in which pedophiles form secret communities in cyberspace and use the global reach of the internet to trade child-exploitation images." (Source)

What the recent Australian crackdown illustrates, is that the images of child sexual exploitation are extremely valuable to a very large, online pedophile community.

How big is this "community"? The Australian case gives us a glimpse of its enormity and magnitude:

"Dubbed Operation Centurion, the investigation was triggered after a hacker infiltrated a respectable European website and inserted 99 degrading and explicit images of young girls from Eastern Europe, the US and Paraguay.

The site, which cannot be named for legal reasons, was besieged by an incredible 12 million hits in just 76 hours after word got around online pedophile networks." (Ibid)

A pedophile like Hodgeson, who was given parole by Sheriff Davies, was most definitely in a position to name names and expose other Scottish purveyors of such images. Was this the reason Sheriff Davis gave him such a light sentence? Did Hodgeson agree to keep his mouth shut? Or was he working for a higher power?


In the previous article, we discussed how the Rothschild owned, Dutch Royal Shell, has effectively stripped Scotland of its rights to revenue from the North Sea oil operations. Enough revenue, it is reported, to make Scotland the most powerful economy in Europe, if not the world. We also pointed out how a deal involving Scotland's Liberal and Britain's Labor Party, effectively gave away 600 miles of Scottish ocean to the British, in an attempt to begin annexation of the North Sea Oil fields.

Interestingly enough, by following the oil trail, we end up in the small town of Aberdeen. The very location where Hollie Greig was gang-raped by a high-level pedophile gang. The very same location where Elish Angelioni purportedly subverted any and all attempts to bring the pedophile ring to justice.

"She (Angelioni) was appointed as Regional Procurator Fiscal for Grampian and the Highlands and Islands in July 2000 based in Aberdeen, the first woman to hold such a post. She was installed as Solicitor General for Scotland on 5 December 2001 – again the first woman, the first Procurator Fiscal and the first solicitor to hold the post. She was installed as Lord Advocate on 12 October 2006." (Source)

In fact, we end up in front of the same Judge (Sheriff) that has relentlessly persecuted journalist Robert Green for simply asking questions about the Hollie Greig case.

The only fatal accident for which there is detailed information available is for the Brent Bravo North Sea platform tragedy... 

"On 11 September 2003, two platform workers, Sean McCue, 22, of Kennoway in Fife, and Keith Moncrieff, 45, of Invergowrie, Tayside, lost their lives after a sudden escape of gas in a platform leg where they were working...   Jake Molloy, the leader of the offshore union .."OILC", was quoted as saying that unions had already complained to the HSE about a backlog of maintenance and staffing issues in the Brent Field, particularly on the Brent Bravo platform. The article revealed that the HSE were investigating the accident.

On 9 February 2005, a BBC News report revealed that Shell had been charged following the deaths of the two offshore workers. On 31 March 2005, The Scotsman newspaper reported that Shell had admitted at Stonehaven Sheriff Court breaching three health and safety charges in connection with the deaths." (Source)

For the uninitiated, Stonehaven Sheriff's Court has played the major role in trying to shut down the Hollie Greig abuse case. Its interesting that such a high profile case, with such serious implications, should end up in the very court building that seems to specialize in handling cover-ups for the rich and powerful. In my opinion, Rothschild agents must have known they had a friend in Aberdeen, and they were not disappointed.

"On 27 April 2005, BBC News reported that Shell had been fined 900,000...after admitting breaching health and safety regulations. Sheriff Patrick Davies said that a "substantial catalogue of errors" caused the deaths of the two men, but he had taken into account that Shell had “tendered guilty pleas at an early stage”. The two offshore workers who died had been asked to inspect a temporary repair patch on a safety-critical pipeline in the leg. The patch “had been a temporary repair for 10 months”. (Ibid)

Sheriff Davies obviously let Shell off with no more than a slap on the wrist. Wrongful death suits can easily explode into class action lawsuits involving other reported negligence, and injuries related to a company's attitude towards safety.  Rothschild's Shell had good reason for concern and the motive for controlling the outcome:

"A former Shell International Group Auditor of the Royal Dutch Shell Group, Mr Bill Campbell, has issued a Public Statement making serious allegations against executive directors of the oil giant. The allegations relate to a deeply flawed “Touch F$#! All” safety culture on Shell North Sea Oil Platforms which led to the deaths of Shell offshore employees working on the Brent Bravo Platform. Basically production and profits were given a higher priority than the lives of Shell offshore workers." (Source)

Scotland's Lord High Advocate, Elish Angelioni, has proven no less serviceable to Rothschild/Shell Oil interests in this particular matter.

"That the evidence was suppressed deliberately is supported by the Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini in a version of events put to her both in June 2006 and in May this year and that she has not refuted this version when given the opportunity to do so. The Lord President and a number of MP’s were privy to this verification process and witness to the Lord Advocates apparent acceptance of what I will now refer to as the official version of events." (Source)

More recently, we have the release of the Lockerbie Bomber at the request of Rothschild's Shell Oil.

"another foreign owned oil company involved in the conspiracy to release the Pan Am bomber Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi, in exchange for access to Libyan oil.  I refer to the recent revelation that the then UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, sent a letter to Gaddafi, which was actually drafted by Shell."

So now it is time to raise a related question. If it can be proven that Elish Angelioni and Sheriff Davies are in fact pawns of the powerful Rothschild family, are they acting in the Rothschild family interest when they aggressively work to protect high-level child sex rings? Like the one that sexually abused a little Down's Syndrome girl named Hollie Greig?

One thing is clear, the Rothschild's oil interests played a leading role in separating the people of Scotland from their North Sea Oil Rights, dooming Scotland's economy to second world status. Why haven't the Rothschilds come forward in the same manner to bring about justice for Hollie Greig, or other victims of Pedophilia?

One theory is that the Rothschilds are at the head of the Illuminati. Satanic Psychopaths that use pedophilia as a weapon to control politicians. If this is the case, than it makes sense that Aberdeen Scotland, with alleged Rothschild agents running the legal system, would be the right place for such activities to occur.  This theory would explain why the gang-rape of a little Down's Syndrome girl, the alleged murder of an uncle, and the persecution of a journalist looking into the matter, have all been swept under the rug by the BBC and other Main-stream media.

The best way to silence this type of speculation is for the Rothschild family to condemn the actions of Scottish politicians like Elish Angelioni and Sheriff Patrick Davies and use their influence to remove them from office,  for their obstruction of justice, illegal witch-hunts, suppression of evidence, abuse of the law, etc.

"The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Conastitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first."   Thomas Jefferson

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