US may 'microwave' Afghan targets

The US military may be testing a controversial weapon that focuses microwave energy with a so-called "goodbye effect" on targets in Afghanistan, a report says.

The new system, called the "Active Denial System," is designed to shoot an invisible beam of high-energy waves at people, creating an intense burning sensation, AOL News initially reported on June 17.

According to some sources, the new system is still undergoing tests at military laboratories.

The focused waves quickly become intolerable and burn the skin layers, forcing the targets to disperse.

The new "nonlethal" weapon has been in Afghanistan for testing but has not been used in military operations, the report quoted an unnamed US Air Force officer as saying.

In 2008, the Pentagon considered deploying the Active Denial System in Iraq, but the effort was thwarted over policy concerns.

The US Department of Defense first admitted to the weapon's existence in 2001 without disclosing further information about the device. (Press TV, 6.19.2010)

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