These annual awards are given to the men and women in America who do the most each year to weaken and destroy the United States of America, the American way of life and the American people. Some of these traitors are deliberately seeking the destruction of America and the creation of the New World Order while others are just useful idiots. Thee Patriot

Enemies of Freedom & Truth


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Hitler Fuhrer Award

barry soetor, rahm emanuel, william gates & Daddy bushka

These three stooges and Daddy bushka win this award for continuing the two wars that America should not be involved in. They also win for continuing the program under george bush of turning a Republic into an absolute dictatorship with help from wealthy businessmen such as the rottenfellers. Daddy bushka wins for being the real ruler of America. He runs America for the rottenfeller crime family.



Herr Goebbels Propaganda Award

rush Bimo   bill o' LIAR

Sean HanNUTTY  glen beck

   All of these men deliberately lie about the unethical, immoral and criminal activities of their masters. They also distort the truth, tell half-lies and spread slanderous disinformation. All of these men would have pleased Herr Hitler. They would also have gladly worked for him even if they knew his true nature.




Stalin Warmonger Award

HITLERy clinton

HITLERy wins for continuing to beat the war drums with more misinformation, disinformation, half-truths, lies and nonsensical statements. This year she is beating the drums of war to attack Iran.






Herr Bimbo Award

rush Bimbo  sean hanNutty  bill o'LIAR

All four of these mediatutes won the Bimbo Award for their idiotic antics and kookie rants.








O'Liar Award

bill o'LIAR & rush Bimbo

bill o'LIAR once again wins this award which is named after him. He wins it because he is the biggest political LIAR in the rottenfeller controlled media. He is also a dispicable pervert.

rush Bimbo wins because he is a pathological and genetical LIAR just as his political buds (hillybilly) are!





Nut Award

sean hanNutty  sarah INSANE   michelle bachman

sean hanNutty wins this award again for his Nutty doublespeak and nuttyass activities. His concerts are the Nuttiest thing since Nero tried to be an actor. sean obviously is NOT playing with a full deck and never has. He is also a political MORON, DIMWIT and RETARD as rush BIMBO, bill o'LIAR, hugh hewitt, mike medved, ann Vulture, laura ingraham and the rest of the silly talking heads are.

sarah INSANE wins for being STUPID enough to run for vice-president again three years before the election of 2012. She is a Valley Girl with the brains of a turd. The MORONS who support her and who will vote for her belong in a lunatic asylum with her.

michelle bachman is a religious lunatic who does NOT believe in the Bible just as sarah INSANE does NOT. Both femnuts reject the Bible and the clear teaching that women are not to be politicians (Isaiah 3.12). They are rabid femikazis who hate men. It is a good thing the media did not do what michelle said they should do -- investigate Barry Soetoro and all politicians to see if they are pro-America. She wouldn't last 2 seconds. She hates America, the Bible and everyone who loves America.


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Adolf Schicklegrubber



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Joseph Goebbels



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Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili



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rush Bimo





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bill o' LIAR




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