Masonic Initiation

The rituals and teachings of Freemasonry are believed by "Brothers" to deliver a higher level of being and these individuals consider themselves illuminated. These rituals and teachings move further and further from Christianity and God and closer to satanic worship of Lucifer the further Freemasons advance (or decline into darkness)

It is a very simple notion and state of mind that can be gained through simple meditation; Ask any Buddhist. Freemasons however brainwash their brethren into believing these are the true benefits of Freemasonry and that the Masonic cult is special. The types of individuals duped in to this cult are easily convinced of anything.

However, when these individuals originally joined the cult, they were duped in to believing that they were doing good. These brainwashed Illuminated individuals have one more step to take before becoming Illuminati.

The people responsible for controlling Freemasonry manipulate chosen members through a process developed over hundreds of years. These people will be gradually moved close to evil as what is asked of them becomes darker and darker. By this time they may well have seen what will happen to "Brothers" who don't comply.

Once in too deep to quit, these chosen members will be given initiation into the higher orders.

The 33rd degree Masons, Illuminati, Skull and Bones; whatever guise they use are responsible for hideous crimes all over the world. Their crimes will be used to control individuals, events, money, countries or large populations.

For once honest decent people to descend in to evil of the highest order, there are two things that happen to bring them away from the roots of freemasonry towards the Luciferian Illuminati.

Firstly, they are detracted from traditional notions of good and evil and brainwashed to believe that Lucifer controls all and that they are indeed agents of Lucifer. This turns their spiritual inner strength gained through spiritual teachings of freemasonry (although any spiritual teachings will do the same) into the ability to do harm to others without conscience. This alone does not lead to becoming Illuminati.

The full initiation process serves two purposes. Firstly, the vile act undertaken means that they are in for good. Secondly, the act is often so heinous that most other evil acts will be easy in comparison.
The more horrific the act the more power these people believe they will gain from carrying it out.

These individuals are then used to carry out evil on various levels. Criminals of all kinds are favored by the Illuminati because they have already demonstrated an ability to do harm to fellow man.

These people are running our world, with every breath you have let good prevail.

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