NWO corp front men

1.    CEO's
            a. Peter Brightman (Creative Entertainment Group)
            b. Peter Lewis (Progressive)
            c. Dave Neeleman (JetBlue)
            d. Hal Myers (Thought Technology)
            e. Larry D. Woolf (The Navegante Group)
            f.  Niklas Zennstrom (Skype)
            g. Richard Branson (Virgin)
            h. Vincent Stefanelli (Dsonic)
            i.  Jay Bush (Bush Bros. Beans)
            j.  Bob Bittman (IGT (slot machines))
            k. Gavin DeBecker (Gavin De Becker & Associates)
            l.  Harry M. Hayes (Smart Stream Technology)
            m. Craig Nickoloff (Claim Jumper Restaurants)
            n. Dr. Andrew Junker (Brain Actuated Technologies)
            o. Dr. Larry Farwell (Brainwave Science)
            p. Richard Parsons (AOL Time Warner  2005)
            q. Fred Durham (CafePress.com   2006)
            r.  Peter Bazalgette (Endemol Entertainment UK, 2006)
            s.  Jon Vlassopulos (Endemol Entertainment Los Angeles 2006)
            t.   Marc Lefton (Adholes)
            u.  Philippe Matthews (Shock Publishing)
            v.  Rod Mosby (Single R Records)
            w. Alan Gevins   (SAM Technology)
            x.  Dane Spotts (PSI Tech)
            y.  Jamie Hyneman (M5 Industries)
            z.  Michael Eisner (when he was at Disney, in the 1990's)
          aa.  Steven Spielberg  (I wrote to ask him to bring his business to Richland, WA)
          ab.  Donna Ecton (when she was CEO at Andies Candies)

2.    Teachers, Entertainers, Inventors & Writers
            a.     Sir Tim-Behrens Lee (inventor of the World Wide Web)
            b.    John McAfee (inventor of the Anti-Virus movement)
            c.     David Shepherd (Chicago Compass Theatre improvisation guru)
            d.     Chris "Shockwave" Sullivan (improv actor and rapper)
            e.    R. Kevin Doyle (improv teacher)
            f.     Thomas Knowland (sculptor)
            g.     Rodney (and Joan) Dangerfield (actor and writer)
            h.     Louis Yoelin (musician)
            i.    Steve Wozniak (inventor of the Apple Macintosh)
            j.    Emo Philips (comedian)
            k.     Fran Capo (comedian)
            l.     Dennis Miller (comedian and writer)
            m.    Al Franken (comedian and writer)
            n.     David Ignateus (writer and journalist)
            o.    Jackie Martling (comedian and writer)
            p.     Vic Dunlop (comedian)
            q.     Marty Keegan (comedian and producer)
            r.     Cathe B (comedian)
            s.      Stuart Bronstein (attorney and comedian)
            t.    Xaviera Hollander (writer and columnist)
            u.     Mark McCollum (musician and comedian)
            v.     Gary Gilman (comedian)
            w.    Gary Gygax (author & game developer)
            x.     Quint Beneditti (lyricist and composer)
            y.      Vinton Cerf (internet pioneer (helped set my book's asking price (19.98)))
            z.       Ellen Cleghorne (comedian)
           aa.      Mikey Jukes (hip-hop promoter)
           ab.     David Brenner (comedian)
           ac.       Wendy Northcutt (darwin awards)
           ad.       David Dvorkin (author)

"To Achieve World Government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, their loyalty to family traditions and national identification" Brock Chisholm - Director of the World Health Organization
"A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it's going to get." Ian Williams Goddard

The fact is that "political correctness" is all about creating uniformity. Individualism is one of the biggest obstacles in the way of the New World Order. They want a public that is predictable and conditioned to do as it's told without asking questions.

"The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first."   Thomas Jefferson

America the Beautiful

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