Merkel: Multiculturalism has failed

Attempts to build a multicultural society in Germany have "utterly failed", Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

Ms Merkel told a meeting of young members of her conservative Christian Democratic Union that while immigrants were welcome in Germany, they must learn the language and accept the country's cultural norms.

"This multicultural approach, saying that we simply live side by side and live happily with each other has failed. Utterly failed," Ms Merkel said.

Her comments were met with applause by the more conservative members of her Christian Democratic party, but some Germans in cosmopolitan Berlin argued she was out of touch with the country's daily life.

"I think her statement is very black and white and does not reflect honestly the lifestyle people are living here," said Daniela Jonas, a German setting up a flea market in the city's diverse Kreuzberg district.

Germany and other European countries have grappled with the idea of themselves as immigration nations and Ms Merkel has long been sceptical of the country's attempts to build a multicultural society that includes its estimated five million Muslims. Many immigrants speak little or no German, work in low paying jobs or live off of government handouts at the same time the country faces an ageing population and a shortage of highly skilled workers.

"Germany needs more qualified immigration to maintain its economic advantage and deal with the demographic developments," Volker Beck, a politician with the opposition Greens party.

Ms Merkel acknowledged in her comments that then-West Germany in the 1960s opened its doors to Turkish labourers who helped the nation rebuild from the ruins of the Second World War. Yet German politicians believed those labourers would eventually return home. Instead, many have stayed and their children's children are now starting families in Germany.

A European Championship football qualifier between Germany and Turkey last week reflected built-up tensions. Star Germany player Mesut Oezil, who is of Turkish heritage, was whistled and booed throughout the game by Turkey fans - who outnumbered German supporters in Berlin's Olympic stadium. The 22-year-old has become Ms Merkel's poster child for successful integration, and Turkish President Abdullah Gul said in an interview that he supported Oezil's decision to play for Germany instead of his parents' native Turkey.

Mr Gul also called on Turks living in Germany to learn to speak German "fluently and without an accent," but insisted it was up to German politicians to create the opportunities for its Turkish citizens to learn the language and integrate into society. (10.17.2010)

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