Bilderbergers Set To Meet - Beware!

While the world's Power Elite, known as the Bilderbergers, prepare to meet for their annual push for world governance on May 14-19 the corporate media propagandists provide their cover by flooding the airwaves with swine flu fears, the recovering/teetering stock market, torture, and other items that have been contrived by those same elitists in order to cover their true intentions.

One participant, Alice Rivlin, who has represented the Brookings Institute at Bilderberg, simply smiled and nodded when asked if the agenda this year includes a world without borders and an American Union.

One World Government has long been the goal of this group of elitists, coming from all parts of the globe, including the United States. Bilderberg intends to expand the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) throughout the Western Hemisphere as a prelude to establishing an American Union similar to the European Union. Such entities strip the nations involved of their sovereignty and those nations involved in the European Union are now referred to as “states”.

The present Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) agreed to by Presidents Bush, Fox of Mexico, and Prime Minister Martin of Canada in 2005 without any Congressional approval or disapproval from any of the three nations, simply through a handshake of the three men.

Very little has been made known to the American people regarding this agreement which is expected to be entered into full-scale in 2010. A great deal of the areas have already been in place and may be a huge reason not much has been done regarding the illegal immigration which has been occurring since 2005. One of the goals of the SPP is to eliminate the internal borders of the three countries.

One of the advantages mentioned of such an arrangement is that it will make it more safe during times of influenza and pandemic flu. Curious, how the present swine flu “epidemic” has the corporate media propagandists doing “sixty miles an hour” on their airwaves. It is the guess of this writer the cooperation between the countries was a big reason for keeping the death toll down.

The recent monetary “collapse” will most likely lead to the Bilderberg group one government, one monetary system agenda. Tim Geithner, Treasury Secretary, recently announced while addressing the Council on Foreign Relations that he supported a proposal to replace the dollar as the world's reserve currency with a composite of currencies that would be managed by the International Monetary Fund.

Although both he and President Obama say they are opposed to the idea, he stated, “We're actually quite open to that.”

As always, we will not hear much of what these elitists decide, but, unfortunately, we will experience in the future. (Op Ed, 5.04.2009, Dennis Kaiser)

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