The "illuminati" worlds’ elite meet in Greece, bombs already going off in Athens

The world’s elite will meet in Greece today in an annual gathering of the "Bilderberg Group" the source of many conspiracy theories and books on the “New World Order”.   

Security officials in the Greek capital are reported to have locked down the area around the meeting, reported in The Times as the luxury 5 star hotel Nafsika Astir Palace in the Voulgiameni district of Athens which will last for two days.

A bomb attack by the "Revolutionary Struggle" has already been reported at 3:30pm on Tuesday 12 May on the Vouliagmenis Avenue in the Greek capital within the vicinity of the location of the Bilderberg meeting on the Greek Eurobank branch with a 5 kilo bomb.

The President of the World Bank Robert Zoellick and Tim Geittner the US Treasury Secretary are reported by sources in The Times report as having "unspecified business" in Europe for the next two days.

The agenda of the Bilderberg Group this year is reported to be looking at a "prolonged agonising depression that dooms the world for decades of stagnation decline and poverty, or an intense but shorter depression that paves the way for a new sustainable economic world order, with less sovereignty but more efficiency".

The UK is sending representatives from the government, who may include it is reported past participant Lord Mandelson.  Other past attendees of the Bilderberg Group from the UK have included Ed Balls (2006),Tony Blair (1993),Peter Carington, 6th Baron Carrington (Steering Committee member) Kenneth Clarke (1993, 1998,[23] 2006[24] & 2007[25]), former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Denis Healey (founder and Steering Committee member) George Osborne (2006)[26] (2008) Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer 2004-Present; member of the opposition 2001-Present, Eric Roll (1964, 1966, 1967, 1973-1975, 1977-1999) (Bilderberg Steering Committee),[27] Department of Economic Affairs, 1964, later Bilderberg Group Chairman, Edward Heath, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher [29].

A London Daily News correspondent based in Athens Evangelos Andreotis who is based near the Athens Astir Palace has said that "security in Athens is especially tight with Anarchist groups and protests already mobilised to try and disrupt the meeting of this group.  Greek police and the government have ordered a no tolerance ethos to policing the event, with heavily armed soldiers and police in the streets of Athens." (
London Daily News, 5.14.2009)

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