Nepotism Rules at Bilderberg

According to the official website of the Dutch Royal House, Queen Beatrix’ third born son, Prince Constantijn, is carrying on the family tradition as ‘Programme Associate’ of the Bilderberg group. Despite the overall media blackout, the Dutch Royal House itself appears to see no problem whatsoever in flaunting its involvement in the secretive group. The media, it seems, takes better care of their secrets than the bluebloods do themselves.

Based on the list of participants at the conference in Greece, 2009 was the year in which the prince accompanied his mother and assumed his new job for the secretive group for the first time. Although his oldest brother, William-Alexander, is destined to inherit the crown, their mother is very much in the habit of rewarding her other offspring with key positions within the new world order. The heir to the throne occupies key positions within the United Nations. Constantijn’s other brother, Johan Friso, was part of the great Goldman Sachs family as an investment banker. Taking a look at prince Constantijn’s résumé shows us some quite interesting things that at an even closer look reveals to be logical steps for him to have taken in preparation for his current position. Let us take a look at the blitz-career of this young blueblood that helped him move up the ladder and apparently made him the ‘best man for the job’ as Programme Associate of Bilderberg.

As the royal families own website reports, from 2001 to 2003 prince Constantijn worked as a strategic policy consultant with Booz, Allen & Hamilton operating out of London, England. Booz Allen is a globally operating, self-proclaimed ‘private consulting firm’ right out of a John Grisham novel with all the dark intrigue that goes along with it. Since its creation in the early 1900s, Booz, Allen & Hamilton has been intimately tied to the military-industrial complex with ‘longstanding relationships with federal intelligence agencies’- as a superficial glance on Wikipedia reveals. A March 8 2008 article in CorpWatch reported that the the firm ‘is a key advisor and prime contractor to all of the major U.S. intelligence agencies.(…) Among the many services Booz Allen provides to intelligence agencies, according to its website, are war-gaming- simulated drills in which military and intelligence officials test their response to potential threats like terrorist attacks.’ A most interesting speciality of the firm is the development of electronic surveillance equipment and other spy-tools to be used against the people. When the queen selected the ‘prestigious’ firm as an employer for her son, she must have known that you can’t get more new world order than Booz, Allen & Hamilton.

Or can you? In the summer of 2003 the prince began working for the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs as ‘advisor on European Communications’. In this function, Constantijn specialised in ‘communication strategies’ with the stated aim of getting the Dutch behind further ‘European cooperation’. The prince obviously wasn’t very successful as the Dutch convincingly rejected the European Constitution in 2005. After the young prince checked out of the office of the Dutch European Commissioner he checked into a more comfortable office at RAND Europe’s Bruxelles division to further tinker on his ’strategies’. Here he co-wrote several technical reports on a range of subjects: from web 2.0, to RFID technology and other matters concerning ‘global governance’. In 2008 Constantijn was promoted to head the Bruxelles RAND office, expanding his influence even more.

Of all of the prime research areas the prince could envelop himself in, throughout his short career he specifically chose the subjects we identify with the worldwide surveillance grid and the new world order: RFID tracking technology, a regulated Internet and the promotion of more ‘cooperation’ worldwide through inflated transnational institutions. Besides the fact that he has shown a great interest in matters of tyranny, which no doubt helps to attain such a ‘prestigious’ position at Bilderberg, the young prince above all owes his current position to the blue blood running through his veins- which makes a comfortable seat around the campfire of the new world order an absolute guarantee. (Infowars, 6.09.2009, Jurriaan Maessen)…Prince_Constantijn_becomes_European_communications_adviser


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