Speakers at the 2010 Bohemian Grove Include Rupert Murdoch, David Gergen, and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Over 3,000 members and guests of the San Francisco Bohemian Club met in the forest at their 2800 acre private redwood grove in Monte Rio California from July 16-August 1, 2010. Each day an off-the-record speech was given by an important socio-political individual.   Below are the topics and speakers for Lakeside talks at the Bohemian Grove July 16 to August 1, 2010. (Source: Private handbook: Bohemian Grove Program of Events: Midsummer Encampment 2010, compiled by Mary Moore.  

Friday, July 16:  WALTER CRONKITE’S AMERICA: Douglas Brinkley, Historian at Rice University

Saturday, July 17:  THE SUPREME COURT IN THE AGE OF OBAMA: Jeffrey Toobin, Legal Analyst and Author, CNN & The New Yorker

Sunday, July 18:  THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION AT WAR: David Martin, National Security Correspondent for CBS News

Wednesday, July 21: HOW SHOULD WE THINK ABOUT CHINA: PARTNER, COMPETITOR, THREAT? Michail Armacost, Former President of Brookings Institute and US Ambassador to the Philippines

Friday, July 23:  K—12: EDUCATION IN AMERICA: Joel Klein, Chancellor, N.Y. City Dept. of Education

Saturday, July 24: THE FUTURE OF NEWS:  Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corporation

Sunday, July 25: THE REVENGE OF GOD: RELIGION & VIOLENCE IN THE MODERN WORLD: Reza Aslan, Professor/Author, University of California at Riverside

Monday, July 26:  VENTURE PHILANTHROPY – ANDREW CARNEGIE 2.0: John Wood, Founder: Room to Read

Tuesday, July 27:  CULTURAL DIPLOMACY: Dr. Gary Smith, Executive Director of American Academy in Berlin

Wednesday, July 28: DEFEATING IEDs AS A WEAPON OF STRATEGIC INFLUENCE: Thomas Metz, Lt. General, U.S. Army (retired)

Thursday, July 29:  THE FOUR MOST IMPORTANT WORDS IN ECONOMICS: PEOPLE RESPOND TO INCENTIVES:  Arthur Laffer, Supply side Economist, former member of Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board

Friday, July 30:  Topic undisclosed:  California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Saturday, July 31: WHY IS MARS SO IMPORTANT? Michael Malin, Planetary Geologist, CEO of Malin Space Science Systems,

Sunday August 1, COUNTDOWN FOR AMERICA: David Gergen, Senior Political analyst for CNN

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