Soviet and American leaders were in cahoots

As radio host Alex Jones alleged in a recent documentary, it's all supposed to have happened at Bohemian Grove in California, a venue for the world's controlling elite to rub shoulders.

“They launched the Star Wars program at the Grove; the Manhattan Project was launched secretly at the Bohemian Grove. A lot of big decisions were made there. A Detroit free press article from 1950s, at the height of the Cold War, says the Russian Foreign Minister traveled to the US and he did not go to Washington DC, he went to meet with the real elite. This is where the elite of the planet travel to make high-level decisions and there is probably nowhere other than Bilderberg where this many high-level decisions were made. This is a major conference that goes on from mid-July to the first week of August,” says Jones. (Russia Today, 7.14.2009)

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